Generators & Future Cities at IBM Designs Visual Clarity by CEO-IBM-TES

When people leave their countries for another one will only remember what they left behind… Not knowing what will become of them and how it will all go, believing it cannot get worse.

Future Cities have been a dream at one time. No longer a dream. It is on many sketches in architecture only. It still does not reveal how it will all work.

IBM-TES will partner with Apple Core-TES – both have the same CEO. Ground Satellites and Signalisation first. When the motherboards are built – all seems to be crumbs to assemble, the tiniest parts come together and, a Wizard of Future Cities is to be expected.

Retrieving all the possible Signals. Find all the ways and methods to reflect commodity and not hazard. I was asked by an author, what did you like about my cover photo, I hesitated in telling him that we are facing what you just showed me on the cover of your book. I did not tell him. Hazard and burning slowly into designs is plain stupid but, some will erect a future city here and there as if that will give out the same conditions and commodities as a cave for cavemen.

Enough said, it’s time to look seriously in all the signals our gadgets and satellites emit with radar, antennaes and Wi-Fi as we walk and talk at home and on the street. Are our cars safe enough for an ultra modern Future City?

I believe that we are going to be finishing our third grade to start our fourth grade when Future Cities become numerous.

What is a GENERATOR?

Dynamo or similar machine for converting mechanical energy into electricity.
Programs of Cellular Mobile Telephones into Tablet / Laptop / PC Desk or Consoles for various reasons such as ex: surveillance kits CAMERA + VOICE + RECORDER with forward alarm accessibilities where most companies charge monthly fees; most companies will have made their $$$ in the sales of the mechanism/accessories.

I got a message from Microsoft and it required a mobile phone cellular or iPhones use the one you are familiar with.

Microsoft cannot generate into his programs what is required for it to receive and transmit whatever a mobile can – Texting, Phone Calls, Sharing, Transfer, Export, Import and Purchases including Banking.

How it may protect your I.D. a little further.

Every Electronic Device with this system will its own mobile number generated regardless if a person doesn’t have a number already like me.

Will use the Internet Server Initial Telephone Number which is included in every packages from any server.

If I were with Bell – 1-800 number would be used = Toll Free Incoming Outgoing Calls – Faxes – any number of the 1-800 generated for every contact and stored.

IBM sells Program Generators to Apple, Microsoft and any Server with Mobiles or Cellular to generate a program for Tablets, PC Desk, Another Mobile 

I received $10 from a company and its stuck in my email. I do not have a working printer either and paperless, paperless, paperless, no plastic, no plastic, no plastic and Air Miles has new Gold and Onyx card but we must apply, so sell them all this program so we can go LESS plastic LESS paper… like they claim they do so that a customer doesn’t give them an extra $25 or more per year for their statements. 


Reduce Intense Visual to Introduce Visual Clarity 

What is already available and why it improves Natural Light

If your house plants show signs of lack of light, you can increase the intensity they receive by removing any obstacles that block the path of the light: for example, curtains, blinds, and outdoor foliage. Even cleaning the windows (in our case it would be the SCREEN) regularly will help.

Reasoning: If plants respond to this visual condition it can be of benefit to the optical.

***Artificial Light – Flashes of Electrical beams Philips would vouch for (see what Philips can TRY to do about this)

House plants adapt perfectly well to growing under artificial light. Incandescent lamps, however, even those offered for plants, produce light of poor quality that promotes weak, unhealthy growth. They are only good choices for house plants receiving some natural light. Fluorescent lights and halogen lamps, on the other hand, produce light so close in quality to sunlight that house plants will thrive under them. For best results, use artificial light on timers set at 12- to 14-hour days and make sure the lamp is far enough from the plants so they don’t overheat.

How to find this method and its application.

Go Solar with combination of either Halogen or Fluorescent (if not both) to utilise for highlights using generators (expensive to own at first but will always solar replenish)

BTW Just fucking shut up and do something. That’s what some people say to me. Therefore, the demand is there. Just don’t know what they want but you IBM IDIOTS know exactly what I want. (we’ll find these gentz and ladies one day but today they do not matter since UNESCO is going to reprimand)

Contact Philips for cars (solar powered high fidelity) – that means the cover of the headlights do not close down when receiving the required energy to function – compliment this system with the electrical mechanics of the cars.

Further Development for Ultra-Sound and graphics to be considered – Study may take over 3 months – comparison with at least 6 paths = 2 of the same and 1 placebo (halogen only)

Chrismas 1989

You got work IDIOTS now what are you going to do about it. Try to rise a notch higher and become FI and get back on track.