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Today on Gossip and Rumours May 31, 2015

Michael Jackson spotted leaving a theatre – possibly watching his choreographer completing the scenes for his new show. Rumour has it that Michael Jackson will reappear soon and participate as the main character but the main character of what? Knowing Michael through gossip and other previous rumours, he is the one who was named Jacko-Wacko because of his bizarre behaviour. The death scandal he left behind seems to be just a rumour: I quote “I didn’t really know that people all of a sudden took me for serious after what they always said about me. It’s all new to me. I left without any electronic devices just to get lined up with new ideas and get some inspiration that maybe I could find in nature.”

I asked where he was, I quote: “That’s strange you ask. I won’t say now since I don’t even know if you are telling me seriously that I have died. I was on an island. Not much going on.”

I didn’t want to push him around I’m known for that Joan Rivers attitude so I asked him to tell me about his new show. I quote: “It’s not a big surprise and I did change my point of views. I like it and I will certainly hope that my old and new audience will like it too.”

I asked him about his mother. He just raised his eyes to the sky and laughed. I quote: “What did she say to you because I haven’t seen her in years.”

The next rumours are the same as in the mid-seventies. In Quebec, political disasters always brought people out and made them travel away to the extremities of Canada. We in Quebec had two English newspapers, The Montreal Gazette and The Montreal Star (published twice per day) Because of René Lévesque’s dreams of Souveraineté Associée, we had to lose English speaking businesses. Because of Canada’s insecurities and uncertainteties combined with high interests (banking) Quebec Politics brought nothing but misery throughout Canada. I dare say: Why didn’t journalism figure out that rumours like these are costly?

Technology stocks start to decline in value

Gold and Oil stocks start to climb in value

I cannot see why IBM Tech Eng has to share his knowledge with anyone today – do you feel that we should?


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