Government Tenders for Updated Tools Instruments for Medical Purposes by CEO of IBM-TES

It seems that Canada is ready to start bidding for updated approved instruments tools machinery for Medical Purposes.

Not only that. IBM-TES will also recommend Central Library for Easy Accessibilities.

My appointment let me a little hopeful while a little demoralised. The nurse was not aware of who, when and where along with results since there were none to be had and seen. She, the nurse, kept insisting to place a call here and there while this was not going to be necessary had she had IBM-TES RxDx connected to Central Library Easy Access for All Health Professionals including DrugStores.

The nurse suggested 2 XRays. 

What needs to be analysed here is not the old methods to move around from place to place and all the damages XRays can cause even trigger unwanted small dosage responses. We're not there yet.

We are not there yet since Health Professionals do not use applied methods known to them now. 

Scanner-Biopsy where XRay Imagery rooms are can also be effected right next to nurses doctors offices. Of course, I am writing this because they are not following directions made by CEO of IBM-TES telling them to use tools in order to understand what you may need in order to ease the exchange in replies.

After listening to the Nurse asking for a bone and mammal XRay I wondered why I couldn't go for biopsy + scan where applicable.

Bone density is usually seen in its vulnerability around the hips and a little above, the small of the back. Biopsy should be considered by Orthopedist then with palpitations XRay.

Is it a waste of time to send patients all over town? 

Nurse also wanted to change some of prescriptions with waltzing thoughts. I asked a few times to repeat the timing for Blood Analysis. She did. She repeated. Then with change of medication, shouldn't there be another blood test? She said, yes, maybe one week later.

I would like to resume my Prescriptions as she wants them but who really understood. 

I'll do my best but since it's my health and not hers; I can only do what I can do. I am resting and I eat more than recommended.

To say that her communication with patients is okay but it still needs a little brushing which Health Professionals may acquire with these new methods. How-to list is included with this Central Health System.

The businesswoman tells me that never too late to set up and implement working methods to ease and alleviate where applicable by even including the pharmacist.

What happened:

  • Went a few days before my appointment to get my Analysis Sheet
  • Arrived at my appointment
  • Need to wait for prescription pending on Doctors Consultation
  • I need to go pick up my prescription when available.
  • Possibly need another blood test after 
  • Need to go in 3 months for blood test for reintroduction of medication
  • Need to go in 6 months from now around April 2018 for 2nd blood analysis
  • Need to go for XRays Mammals and Bones  in 1 or 2 appointments
  • May need to go a little further than where nurses doctors are; not sure.
  • Health Department wants to cut – budget not permitting.

If that is called a good patient follow-up then I'll go for the money of getting many Governments to try out my Central Library Access for Health Professionals + Pharmacists.

This old method mentioned above was cut by one appointment because I picked up my Blood Analysis WorkSheet. That too would have been an appointment by itself.

Therefore this was my day multiply it by X daily appointments and patients per doctor and nurse. 

Talking to health department of Canada means making sure that the department is aware since they received content in Statistics Canada Health Department. 

When he has all data on hand; I'll have my male secretary make an appointment for our showroom live for them to see the results as accessibility is at their fingertips. 

I mentioned above l'entregent rapport between patient and health professional can only see a betterment when all data is made accessible. That there will be 2 or 3 more appointments the colour RED is in bold of REASON(S) 

To add to this: Should it be necessary even Airports / Customs may have their little Entry Passware for TransGenders reasoning. 

Central Library Patients Health Professionals + Pharmacists + XRays etc. 

No matter where this patient is when in need of an intervention or medication – Central Library will make it accessible faster for betterment of the patient and his needs. 

I'll get an award for sure but then again; I have to wait for Health Department to retrieve information.