Grids Securities by Adriana IBM TES



Computerised Grids

look at the diagrams above.

Aim for flash UNSEEN – CLOAK Devices Today

Objectives: Identification of Provenance with all ReRouting

Alert Awareness Records

Alert – Who sees the flash – your side 

Alert – Who hears the Sound of Intrusion – your side

Alert – Who reacts immediately – the monitor – not the programmer

Awareness – The monitor pinpoints provenance

Awareness – The monitor gives you a trail of coordinates as the 


Nuclear Nucleus Electrons vacillate or so it seems into rerouting from the target towards other trajectory(ies)

These paths of daylights on earth can be intercepted. IBM will uncover the routes and its destination.

Look at te 3 diagrams and think of a Mirror receiving laser of lights when it hits the mirror where does it reroute – of course, it goes without saying the aim was to do just that. 

The provenance wants to retrieve and send back – Hackers and Destroyers from the same vessels. 

When you know the blueprint of these grids – Hackers will use their Destroyers.

When they know the blueprint and face a decoy – you know who the hackers are and get alerted that it won't be the first or last time – You will know as you go after these plans of action are implemented. Practice and identify. 

It could take a bit of time. You cannot block yours. Use your coo-cootz. Identify all your territories ENTRIES first. 

Look at diagram 3.

Pretend your decoy grid is the center of attraction from within US and Canada. Then all of a sudden we get invaders from another country or from citizens of our countries.  

How would you be able to identify – Ask Powell and Rumsfeld. 

Colours. Mapping. Distance/Range etc…

All has to be accounted for.

Thank you and I'm sure that you'll be dealing with a very busy schedule… hopefully nothing close to the idiots working for Scientology. Boy, with membership like that – why continue with you, join them. Glad we got a few billionaires on the bridge. 

They'll make sure to bridge you from reality and the hallucinations you live with.

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And I mean it.