Grocery + DrugStore + Inventory by CEO IBM-TES

Around year 2005 – I was told at Zellers that representatives no longer frequent stores to take inventory and to give out credits for defective products – the customer had to go direct. Today, at Canadian Tire, I was told that representatives do not show up and to ask C-I-L for a refund or more products. I said: okay. The assistant manager gave me the information and now I am writing down how bad it was to go back home without the grass seeds from C-I-L.

Without asking who is or who is not in charge or at fault. I propose that we open our own seasonals. Swimming, materials for construction of swimming pools, all equipments, all products and of course plumbing and mechanical equipments. Grass and landscaping material in stones and decoration including all the plumbing including all herbicide, pesticides, fertilizers and weed control… etc…

I no longer want to deal with chains of stores who use products/services such as computer processing data entry – remove all representatives and never push the button for Computer ON. Canadian Tire (to name one) relies on personnel with a good background and education highschool + but no formation.

It was would have been simple today. I go to one of the 2 counters. One is automotive and the other is the rest of the store. I go to the small booth with a computer and its for the rest of the store. I pass the 2 C-I-L grass seeds and I type up my telephone number. It is associated with my rewards or cash back in Canadian Tire Membership. C-I-L Head Office replies in the chatbox keyword. Since it got its lot number providing the UPC – the reply is – How may I answer your call: I type… Wet Seeds in closed tight bag. Or.. seeds damaged. The reply comes out as in a fax. It tells Canadian Tire to replace the equivalent if they do not have the exact amount up to $25.00 Credit applied for Canadian Tire. Thank you.

I go and get the products and I go to the cash. I present the paper that acts as money for the customer. I get it free and C-I-L knows what happened and if C-I-L wants to see the bags on the note it gives the cashier the instructions on what to do with the 2 bags.


Going strong this feeling of mine. Arriving at destination is like asking for the world in just one cup. C-I-L to remove all crabgrass and all found in those islands. Find methods to make those landscapes look like a golf course instead of just golf course. I would propose letting Canada New England do it yourself on their own type of condition. No more sales for a while. When C-I-L can bring up solutions that work it spells out that organic is good but organic also brings on more need for pesticides. Therefore, modern updated solutions are in order.

After many years of soil and air conditions, results tell analysts what is really considered as a good insect to have in our agriculture and what is considered damaging and from thereon updates will follow.

Had I stayed here: Rewards Cards and self-customer-services would permit IBM to do just that modern updates with follow-ups like maybe our former President Bill Gates saw it with Windows 10. It got big enough to house more programs by branching them as they come in.

Simons goes rewards. Fine. Branching with Air Miles would have been good enough. Yet, I see only a few that do not understand the meaning of recycling. Compost.

Compost: Should it be just Québon, Nutrilait, Angus Beef, Le Poulet du Québec, Le Veau du Québec, La Dinde du Québec etc… We have farms from the Government. What to do with extra and overstock as it presents itself. TBA – I would need statistics. I would need figures and at least of the last 3 to 5 years for cycles. I would need Imports and Exports not just Québec consumption. Including Donations Charity. Who needs all this: Agriculture Canada.

Had I stayed here after so many years of malpractice at Canadian Tire and even at Trévi – Primavera Nursery would get Seasonals and there is Botanix just to name 2 around my place. No more chains. Delivery of products and services. Swimming pool opening. Swimming pool closing. All products needed – Landscaping opening and landscaping closing and in between for the whole town some of it would be called initial start up to rid of weeds for the whole town. Mayor buys it and all landscapers would work and get paid by the city. 2 years later, the customer would start his own fertilizing with soil analyzers from Primavera and/or Botanix and more. They tell every address what is needed in the front and all around the dwelling.

Follow up Prices TBA depending if Mayor wants to do the upkeep and charge an amount in the taxes. The initial riddance of all weeds in price will be absorbed by the people who banned it in the first place. When a department of governments that it is Canadian or American US – something else has to happen, how to remedy to all this? I never believed that a long stay anywhere is better than leaving fish in the sun without getting a pack of worms and insects all around. You?

Let the people who want to know if our air and birds are fairing better now – I do not want to know. If I would have stayed I would have been able to start this show rolling and mobile better than a parade and even a little faster since I do not need to observe your lanes Mme Plante Mayor of Montreal. I cannot stand women who cannot wait to become a man. Fucking cunt lesbian wanna be. I prefer a woman who knows who to fuck and not pretends to wanna fuck another woman.


How CEO proposes

Benefits for the Consumer, Grocery Store and DrugStore

Cash Receipts + Rewards Cards

In Marketing, most will remember that incentives always opened doors. Consumers and Employees

Contests – Register at the Cashier or Cart Scanner

Trollies for Carts when Buying Online… 

50$ = one trolley – per purchase

100$ = 2 trolleys – per purchase 

150$ = 3 Trolleys – per purchase 

200$+ = 4 Trolleys – per purchase

Federal Products: Cigarettes Booze NOT included.

Valid 4 per person. 

Delivery Service Applies

Amazon sells them 2 x 36$

Use your OWN bags and place 2 sticks in the long tubular handles

Washable – remove long sticks – wash in regular laundry

Walmart will do the same – his bags are under $2. What will be added is a tubular on the two sides and 2 long sticks.

This is the time to let older people (work at home) to put together these bags. Supply machine and material. Give containers for packaging.

When you bring this work to people – Box of material and Sewing Machine.

When you pick up this work from people – Package containers for the bags. Take the empties and the sewing machines.

For people who are already doing this kind of work – thanks. I will just patch my LOGO on the bags you won’t use. I shall pay accordingly since its not a profit organization. Cost of assembly.

Website and Emails


Website for Personal Use + Home Business Use.

Emails 2 per website

When opening a website – there is Provigo and Shoppers Drugmart 

Maxi and Shoppers Drugmart or Pharmaprix. 

The theme is your choice of – all kinds of gourmet dish and all kinds of health products such as shampoo to toothpaste and seasonal exposures for weather such as suntan to glycerine products – diapers and baby stuff food to apparels. 

Automatically, the consumer is in tune with products and promotions from both companies. 

Automatically, the consumer will gather his photos (collection) for printing by people like Amazon (hardcover album of choice using personal photos) (Mine is not ready yet)

Videos for whatever whatever manufacturer are promoting selling and NEW, NEW and IMPROVED produce products. 

Facebook – Twitter – Instagram accessibility at the easiest. 

What all parties will enjoy is the Collecting DATA experience. Products, Rewards, Produce + Inventory = What will stay in regular, seasonal and replacements after liquidation. 

Rewards – register for all contests. Pick the contests prizes from this column. AirMiles style, at one time. 

Promotions and Perks can see small to larger.

Residential to Business Rewards

What residential receives may not be as big as what businesses receive.  Obviously businesses buy much more. (Cafeterias, smaller restaurants, hospitals and clinics – bed-ins just to name a few.)

From household products to table food produce/products bigger business will definitely buy much more per month. 

Residential has a bonus. 

Count in family

Entertainment occasion to frequent

Tabs for Regular to Irregular includes bigger orders. 

Regular purchases start amounting to a steady figure after 6 months + when comes December – rewards sees what can constitute as what may enter into account for free to reduced $ on purchases. 

I went to Metro to buy Lipton Soups. My sales receipt cash receipt did not mention my entries – I asked if the website would. Personnel has no idea. 

Personnel has no idea. The consumer doesn’t either and hates or immensely dislikes disturbing busy working people at the store if one can be found. 

Plus – this contest is good. It gives every card holder a chance to participate in a $$$ contest with their rewards card. When trips and cars (rare but it does happen) happens… people need to register conforming to the law. It seems that there is always something to pay when winning these prizes.

What could happen is that if people want to sell some bigger items with bigger price tags they can and enjoy a reward. 

They all own a website. They all share for rewards and not for money. Incentives start to take another shape and form. 

Grocery Stores and Drugstore know exactly all on: what, where, how and future predictions are more accurate. 

Keeping an Accountant is keeping IBM-TES in your financial reports. Computers do work for that. Computers do not replace people. Computers just calculate a little faster what Marketing needs to know today.

Legalities in contests are ridiculous. When a prize ends up costing the winner any sum of money, the consumer needs to register for it. To keep it even more legal is to immediately place in text format what the winner needs to pay. Taxes – Airport Taxes – Infrastructure for new home – Registration Insurance for the new car etc… Shipping and handling where applicable and the approximate rate/price. 

If I do not choose to register for the contest – I shall not. Cash money or reward money or gift cards prepayed – I do not see anything harmful since the person returns the money back to the store(s) 

How much more is this engine going to cost.

Tell IBM what you have and ask how much more all this would cost using what you have already at hand. 

More can happen. It depends on your videos. 

Joint Ventures do happen – not always and not every day.

Joint Venture for Grocery Stores and Drugstore – what would make it beneficial for you first and then the consumer? 

Example: Having a few stores here and there on some island would be a joint venture between units of lodgings and grocery stores drugstore together not far away – who works there? Canadians + winners of rewards joint ventures to work there or to leisure there for free. NO US citizens allowed or any other countries. You got the Green Card? NOPE. You ever had the Green Card? NOPE. Social Card of Canada and since when? Guilty and sentenced accordingly, treason.