Head-Body GridGraph Slide-In-Out Box Inteventions by Adriana CEO IBM-TES


The GriddedGraph above with green background interchangeables. Colours and NO colours only GlassPlastic Panes – Sliding Sectionals. The sectionals will work together and by itself – The chainwork is all in the computer. 

X-Ray with Scanner Imagery. Giving it a darker background at Command.

Objectives are numerous. 

Transform this into a Body-Box

Transform this into a Head-Box

Sectionals Slide-In-Out for Head to Toe

Every possible measures in length and width Slide-In-Out

Grids have a communication purpose other than imagery bringing coordinates together when stimulated for various reasons prior the surgery or meanwhile and afterwards.

Slowly getting into the Instinct Emotions Senses Comprehension since the program in itself is general use the content will not be only customised.

Creatures react longer shorter to pain (worse off) wellness (better off) states – self-administrated or given by external foreign exposures. We may intercept 2 different reactions in lengthitude  (time in the longitude) also as well as longitude (visible to the eye)

Ex: Point A to Point B is very visible on a graph. It's intensity in time from worse to better from A to B is not visible. Someone tells me a story of 2 minutes in time but has another meaning in the timing of the story – it has a lengthitude in its longitude. I guess I don't know too  much on music with octaves and timing. What do those instruments go through in intensity in a 3 minute longitude song? Same reasoning for me. How many lengths will you find in one minute? Therefore for MOI, its lengthitude – Attitude in its longitude. You figure it out.

CoordinatesGraphSeeing the Human Body for the first time in the reactions. Connecting the dots where they may show – seeing the critical points spark out of the graph. 


The Critical Spark will show itself at one point then show where it may branch in – sometimes, nowhere visible then sometimes branches do appear. Above, a surgeon may immediately REMOVE the Critical Nuclei not seeing any of its branches where they may start to end. Which is fine. Prior removal – it would be first beneficial to insert a liquid to see if any capillary passages become visible.


This image is critical with branching inserting liquids here from mid-ways to finally hopefully see its end of branches would be our best in its discovery. How to terminate the foreign activity before it ends our life. Always aiming at the center of the tumour is obsolete. Finding the right chemistry to end the branch and leaving it there without removal is our best. Combining chemicals/holistics with technology future now today.

How a patient will be participating in this sometimes long surgery intervention is still up in the air pending to the reason. 

Combinations of hypnosis and medicine. It can prove to be shorter to very long. (this is today's view)

Tomorrow's view when all is in place it will be just as long as 2 to 3 hours from start to finish – imagery and post-op. 

All vitals are showing on the graph. The temperature – coolness wil be seen at the edges of the graph. Fever starting the edges of graph will start to get warmer in colours. Think of the mood ring. Branches show up when touching a critical point. Branches remove themselves when severing a certain location. Do other branches connected to the severed location re-appear – restart connection in what we believe is normalcy. You got an idea of what I am drifting here.

This GridGraph Body Box Slide-IN-OUT will be with our R5D5 the only place to be – at its fine point. The Star of its purpose to be. 


GraphLevelsBranching – Connections – Critical – Normalcy – Wellness. All vitals even urine and other body liquid analysed.  Blood Analysis. 

Head-Box will do much more since he is the conductor to the rest of the body along with the neck and the shoulders.

Views from R5D5 to Graphs back to R5D5 – full images on screens other than the graph itself – OLED WORKS hard doesn't it. Curve-In-Curve-Out imagery with Zoom at Groove Rotary Wheel placed directly on sides connected to R5D5 (like a mouse) Bi-Connection or Tri-Connection Screens – GridGraphs – R5D5

GrooveRotaryIt has the ability to do nothing if  you don't move it. He is connected but won't move from the groove till you do it. The computer won't be able to do that. What brings it to a groove and not just a Rolex Control by Computer?


This switch is not Electrical. Its like the lever. It opens the trapdoor or closes the trapdoor. When its opened the computer rolexes the levels desired by a command or/and voice command. 

lab8 R5D5 Ready for Expansion

NEVER this is IT. Expansion Development is IBM-TES.

Permanent Learning Disabilities are here to stay. Brinks of discoveries are here to stay. Elaborating on them are here to stay. Where is your romance, that passion and that sense of adventure the CEO asked her personnel.