Heart Tracks Tubulars by IBM Tech Eng Adriana

Arteries *5 Foam cells/plaque

Analyis of contents and comparison as to what the liver fatty tissues/enzymes have in common

Anti-bodies evolution

Analysis of hard cholesterol to find its wax to combine with synthetic fibres that blood vessels and body/organs won’t reject prematurely. Never mulching dead tissue to combine in composites – will calcium do (bone debris?)

Tubulars are then made by a laboratory. This method is to keep vessels/arteries opened thus filter is made without excessive blockage. Clots can be monitored prior the insertion in order to customize the real culprits of this disorder. No blood thinning if patient’s blood does not present complications of blood coagulation.

  • Foam cells yeasts/virus (malignent dormant bacteria)/bacteria.
  • Fluids from the brain may also have this yeast/virus/bacteria – pulled out from the base of the crane back.
  • Liver analysis (complete)
  • Tubulars w/flexibilities should be able to be inserted and travel the route of the major arteries.
  • Tubulars from major artery to Trachea ?

Trachea    tracks to consider are in this image.

A variety of Tubulars + Including: from major artery to trachea and brain track (cavities)


Sperm Phenomena!

This is the rarest view labs have ever seen in ages. A man who is able to fertilise many women at the same time only once seen by Mormons in the Utah and Arabs in Africa (now live all over the world)

Word has it that a man with this capability will inherit the earth. What can it really mean since Mormons and Arabs believe that they will be in heaven with Allah/God our creator. No matter how you call our creator, only the men with this prize possession can inherit the world. Strange morals but science is opened to novelties at all times.

If anyone knows of such a specimen (excuse the term, a little cold isn’t it? Science is like that.) Please direct all you findings to IBM Tech Eng. attention to Adriana CEO and Founder.

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