Historical Points Non-Discovered by Adriana

Ukraine blows up Malaysian Airline. I said: You can’t find that plane? It’s in pieces but not where you think. First, it may have been derouted then blown to pieces. The blame: Russia did it.

Obama tells Russia. Stay out of certain territories. I replied: You mind your own fucking business.

Russia told him: When you engage in wars, it’s okay. Mind your own business.

Today, we find out that it’s Ukraine based the problem.

Yesterday during Kennedy era, many died because of civil rights. Where was the emplacement of the said missile directly hitting Japan 1945? Possible answer: South Korea. Military arrived there when? Military only has records of that data.

Korea war started around 5 to 7 years later. Then, we had to see other wars to cover tracks of these 2 wars. Kennedy stopped the war that could end all wars so they all presumed or assumed. He asked Cuba to stay where they are and US not accept them in either.

It was in a prophecy that I would go there with his son and the President of Soviets for a courtesy call. Reclaiming that position that John Kennedy had seen as a visionary method to stop escalation of that said war WWWIII.

Even at that, if this war is in place now. I was forced into it. I am a victim and JFKjr is one of my attackers.

There is nothing else to add at this moment but one:

Me: 9

They: 0

When I reach 9 – this will repeat.

JFKjr knows what THEY means to him and his entourage. I don’t know.


Chrismas 1989 PrinceAndrew