Homosexuals Valuable – Cross Breeding Platelets by IBM Tech Science ~ Adriana

To READ – Cross Path of Platelets and Blood Types 

  • Anti-Bodies and article talks about Platelets are not usually cross-matched
  • So much needs to be explored and exploited hormones genes and so much more
  • So far – early detection to late detection has been formally claimed as being realistic at about 95% certified.
  • Cancer Patients on medication or not are also valuable with or without chemotherapy (have their platelets changed)
  • Today, we are looking at Blood Donor clinics. It has been reported to date that all blood has been filtered and all blood donours have been screened.
  • Adriana CEO wants people to be truthful to Science and report their sexual activities as well as their drug use.
  • OBJECTIVES are always the same but people with HIV or AIDS with the help of medication can help in another way. 
  • Are they in a recession?
  • What do their platelets reveal?
  • Can they receive this platelet later on to then get another technology scan-motion technique for implementation of what their genes in motion reveals prior the transplant and afterwards?
  • I don’t want to sound like I did back in the early 90’s that President Bill Clinton got wind of that homosexuals do have a place anywhere and everywhere on this planet. Viruses are here to stay and why shouldn’t a homosexual help us, science, at achieving a mediocre existence of life. We are not out of the woods. I am completely aware of this but the Red Cross is very narrowminded or I call them tunnel vision people.
  • IBM ~ Science is not the solution since it is alway after a quest that needs to be quenched. Are we there yet? The answer is NO. 

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