HourGlass Energy – Security Reasoning by Adriana CEO IBM Tech Eng ~ Science


So true and IBM cannot go back in time (physically) re-inforcing today, the present and tomorrow the future.

Emblem of Pass to enter IBM Tech Eng ~ Science is all in the MC.

HourGlass GemsJupiter NASAVacuumChamber

A giant HourGlass Vacuumed-Packed-MC Semi-Precious Gems with anti-matter magnetism permitting the floating for communication and energy purposes.

The HourGlass will be held by Stand such as:

globe on stand The HourGlass will be seamed with SolarPanel Stripes to attract energy. Its reasoning is all around Conservation & Security.

It is in the works and I feel it will be feasible to concentrate energy. It will have meters for levels of atmospheric values and radiation within its concentrations.

Height – Diameter TBA

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