How Geometrical and Grids will Shape and Form Methods on Earth by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

elisabeth-taylor-cleo queenofsheba

Cleopatra of Egypt                               Queen of Sheba

The most beautiful women of their times.

Believed that Geometry would definitely be the only way to Life leading to Eternal Life.

Men of Egypt believed that there is a possible Eternal Life in their known words and unknown to us the rest of the world. The mother of civilisation is Egypt. The father of civilisation is Greece. Both always connected in the past.

How Monsanto IBM and other Giants Brands known to the World will find that shapes and forms can indeed modifiy certain zones and locations without offbalancing the rest of the world.

Needs will be catered by location and not by altitudes. Never too high Never too dense – only what the location needs for the time it needs it.



How transformation utilising Geometrical Shapes and Forms will definitely make our world live out more of an exceptional life called Earth beginning to self-sustain.

The less the demand on resources the more our Earth will be self-sustained.

  • Water will be recycled
  • Energy will be called SolarPanel Transmitted Transferred. 
  • Appropriation of humble beginnings with advanced applied methods
  • Adaptors for multiple usage including anti-hackers
  • TBA


The most beautiful of her times – Young Beautiful Wisdom – a rare combination. When a woman finds beauty in another woman it is not a case of jealousy thereafter it is a case of envy. Remember your beauty and use the whip on Science.

Don't mess with the CEO!