IBM-BlackBerry Join for Special DashBoard Expansion by CEO of IBM-TES


ADD Cartridge 110 style Kodak in every Mobiles/Laptop/PC

Special Edition – PhotoShop with Negative / Development

IBM Camera must have this version explained in FB Post

BlackBerry users struggling with the small QWERTY keyboard and screen size will be offered another solution in the coming weeks – a laptop.

The Celio Redfly is a "mobile companion" that once connected to your phone offers users a 7- or 8-inch screen and a much larger keyboard to type on in a more standard laptop style form factor.

Although the Windows Mobile version has been out for some time, the company has confirmed that it hopes to have a BlackBerry version out before Christmas that will work with any 4.6 OS device like the Curve, Bold, Tour and Storm.

Bringing back memories of the ill-fated Palm Foleo, the device works by connecting a BlackBerry or Windows Mobile handset via Bluetooth or USB to the unit and then allowing users to access the information and applications on their phone.

Coming in two models; the C8N and C7, the units have no OS, no storage, or processor, instead just act as a conduit to your phone.

IBM CEO has asked for a DashBoard Companion unit with OS, ZipStorage, ZipProcessor Modem/Receptor Transmitter Zip. When Zip is closed it takes no place, no storage, no frequency – In a curved-in cells unit version, it can only expand on request by macros. 

The makers of the new laptop-like devices say that battery life is around 8 hours for the 8-inch model and 5 hours for the 7-inch version.

When Built-In Chip with Transmitter/Receptor Frequencies is used the iPhone is on. BlackBerry has built-in Transmitter/Receptor Frequencies also. That means should a user want to play a hand at solitaire, open your window on the iphone mobile – the frequencies will emit a light on the dashboard. Your laptop is fully internet functional. The programs need to open – macros only. Cables can be connected. See images below. The difference is the one who takes on the mileage per month of these GB's is only the phone that can be sold separately by the server as unlimited. It can also work on Television if the programs are there to view TV – Streamers or StreamersX – This method can also be good for the day a neighborhood will share only one giant modem… sub-satellite. Cable for Frequencies between iPhones Mobile and iDevices including Television.

On the question of why you wouldn't just get a laptop, a spokesman for the company told us "This is better than a laptop, if you lose it you lose no data".

There is no loss in data not even laptops when using frequencies with SpockConnect Universe of LANG. Forget that primitive thought of yours Mr. BlackBerry. That is over, prehistory. What is kept in Universe of LANG. BING. Everything. Saved and Unsaved. Errors and Polished. It can be corrected whenever and it can be deleted whenever with permissions since you are entering the Universe of LANG. Security cannot change formats. We send the user what he wants deleted for confirmation and offer to keep saving it in a library that keeps on growing with the user. 

It's $199 for the 7-inch version and $249 for the 8-inch model when they hit the shops in the coming months.

These two models are good but I feel for less than $400. as a DashBoard Companion  it could be more advantageous since it can keep the frequencies for the dashboard and all the wi-fi schedulers. Turn on the lights, turn on the heat, turn on the sound etc… Frequencies alone will manage all this. After all, that Universe of LANG would not exist without these Sonic-Visual-Booms in the Universe. NASA is paying 500 people minimum to listen to the SonicBoom from the Universe $25. per week.



Attention: Accounting Department Receivables

You know that raise everyone gets – its coming.

You will have work this time not just Payables.

Attention: Personnel Programs Mechanics Engineering

Modem/Receptors/Routers/Transmitters Frequencies 

Required: Drivers, USB Keys, USB Cable Chargers.

Bell has USB Keys to place into outlets. Fine.

Those USB Keys need Frequencies Higher Degree for wider longer range.

USB Bars with Higher Frequencies for each socket used.

Cable itself for TV or Big Chip looks like that rocket charger.

All new laptops, PC Screens, Mobile will have a magic eyes light.

Start getting creative and make it affordable I got to pay people in Accounts Receivables they haven't gotten a cheque in a long time. The only people bleeding us are the ones working at Payables.

My daughter was having difficulties with internet issues of Bell Canada. I was under that massive dense coating belief that her Fido server was paying a little spot at Bell and he had his own Satellite. After all, her phone works without Bell and she does have the luxurious package to roam, internet. No Cable Chip to use for her laptop. No Chip Frequencies to insert in her TV Screen for Netflix. From her phone, she requests routing to her TV. The frequency requests range. Click the range where the TV is and the Phone is. 10 feet. 15 feet. 30 feet. If it meets the range… the TV will display Netflix.  N'est-ce pas? Isn't everyone working on Invisible Screens?

You know I haven't heard anyone with that Invisible Screen yet giving feedbacks to kids, 30's up? Who is using these invisible screens so far? No bragging yet?

Monopoly is not so good therefore I chose BlackBerry for certain things. If BlackBerry does not want to be connected to IBM-TES, I will find out and get someone else.

I want those Projection Invisible Screens to turn into Touch CurvedIn etc…


Merry Christmas Accounts Receivable

To the rest of you – F.O.