IBM – Unblocking Airwaves Promote Regeneration by Taming & Temporary Neutralizing by Adriana

Follow Up of February 6, 2019 from March 29, 2015 – July 10, 2017 and a few days ago February 6, 2019

Many product makers are promoting DIY and possibly with the right tools most assembly could be made without too much troubleshooting. 

I mow the lawn and use cables – I run over with the machine. I use a BLOCK and insert each cut ends into a porthole and the other one on the other side. I plug it again and does it work?

  • Why not?
  • If answer is yes, you already have it but Canadian Tire would rather sell you… a new cable. 
  • If the answer is no… are you willing to assemble another method for broken cables to re-assemble and for other events to show up like the famous 5G 6G 7G etc… most people are worried and concerned about?
  • Is my modem safe. Is my computer safe. Is my television safe. Questions need to be answered – our company and sub-divisions count on sales to reproduce more sales for other products and services. 
  • I need someone who has some fun in his gut and to present it to someone younger in hours of experiences and students almost graduating – in one year or less. 
  • When someone sees this – what sparks up?
  • Atoms as a source of nuclear energy.
  • How many known variety of Atoms
  • When there is some kind of a flow can it circulate inside this Block?
  • Is it similar to a defragmentation of the said flow?
  • While this current is first a fragment and taking place inside a Block; perhaps its circulation can be made so as it feels that is being used. It must have feelings since it can anger in explosives. 
  • Recirculating around without losing power from both ends.

Follow Up of 2 years ago. March 29, 2015.

Today, July 10, 2017 

Tuesday, February 6 2019

Accelerated Respiratory System – Repeated Panting after a Long Exhalation 

Portable and built-in Converter Fresher Air and Monitor Regulator Index 

Works with the minimal traces compared to other Gadgets and Mechanisms. 



Self Diagnosis for Blockage & Diminished Functions/Capacities

  • In the demonstration video – how to treat for diminished functions/capacities
  • What if blockage results such as having a hard time catching your breath again?
  • Why did system?
  • Eliminate faster all carbons from dioxide to monoxide or vice-versa. 
  • Remains of dirty electricity 
  • Eliminate dizziness and other known factors known to lack of oxygen 
  • Blood pressure hypertension relief with monitor 
  • Medicated for inhalation treating system.
  • One system in 2
  • Purifier and  Oxygen Medicine Dispenser
  • A spa design means that a person can sleep with ease with the new air converter.
  • A specialist will read the following and try to convert this phenomena into oxygen regulator.

Thrombopoietin is a glycoprotein hormone produced by the liver and kidney which regulates the production of platelets. It stimulates the production and differentiation of megakaryocytes, the bone marrow cells that bud off large numbers of platelets.

Megakaryocyte and platelet production is regulated by thrombopoietin, a hormone produced in the kidneys and liver. Each megakaryocyte produces between 1,000and 3,000 platelets during its lifetime. An average of 1011 platelets are produced daily in a healthy adult.

To the competition rules and regulations – the ones who come up with most crystal ideas in this ball of confusion.

Only them can participate. I would like this conversion to take place this instant and it is not possible. I will therefore anticipate the results humans (first) need in order to make other designs from it all by passing it around.

Why convert – conversions are there because agents and ingredients of DNA are similar from one person to another. When do platelet produce ? The answer is always either 33% to 100% and we don’t know if that is acceptable for an older organism. Or it would represent, at the weakest 1,000 which is acceptable to its strongest 3000 which is more favoured.

What it did not answer: the need to always keep 3000 in check and at which intervals. I am sure more questions can be found here. Time x (power) Space Metabolism etc…. – a new math is needed here.

Will this new monitor air filter and refiltering be a pioneer to become a monster producing little gems that fill our environment not only our living space?

Looking at Chromosomes 1, 11, 22 – what would we get?

Identifying genes on each chromosome is an active area of genetic research. Because researchers use different approaches to predict the number of genes on each chromosome, the estimated number of genes varies. Chromosome 22 likely contains 500 to 600 genes that provide instructions for making proteins. 

Humans normally have 46 chromosomes in each cell, divided into 23 pairs. Two copies of chromosome 11, one copy inherited from each parent, form one of the pairs. Chromosome 11 spans about 135 million DNA building blocks (base pairs) and represents between 4 and 4.5 percent of the total DNA in cells.

Chromosome 1 is the designation for the largest human chromosome. Humans have two copies ofchromosome 1, as they do with all of the autosomes, which are the non-sex chromosomesChromosome 1spans about 249 million nucleotide base pairs, which are the basic units of information for DNA. 

For many years Science can modify genders. Cancers and some disorders are developed because of genders. Can this respiratory system emit the necessary oxygenated medication to either increase the signals to 11 or decrease it – temporary. And when, with the new math to finally turn it into formulas – increase decrease temporary can be made available.

Dementia Alzheimer Pneumonia and oxygen deprived brain into disorders, malformation and syndromes can it rely on a invert solution. What was contained, reduced into plaques and enlarged to invert into smaller, bigger, wider contribution to its re-establishment or to its redesign. Bones can be redesigned with pain but it’s possible. So can the rest of the organisms.

Portable to use at any time. And, one for the bedroom or resting area. When breathing normally it must be more intense as we get older – learning how to pant exercises. Make it a dance session later. It took 10 months to develop and it will take at least 6 to 8 months per year to start reverting to a spring chicken. If it was there, it shall reshaped while not there, it will be know and addressed en temps et lieu.

According to the textbook on gestation and development of the human body detailing the whole process – this respiratory system will be designed to redesign in order to replenish without advancing in the time zones. I would prefer recognition of the Eye of Time – it has its thickness where retention is known and where the rest is eliminated in order to reproduce or regenerate. As the planets revolve around the sun, our blood circulates and so do our cells

In order to heal and regenerate is to sleep it over – calm in order to achieve a serenity within our organisms.

To All Romantics this song should specify almost all the instructions – calm position when using Respiratory System and in your bedroom or wherever a person needs to sit down and sleep in order to unblock and breathe. I just want the romance. Give the Hollies all the love they want.

Follow Up of 2 years ago. March 29, 2015.

Today, July 10, 2017 

Objectives: Revisions – Detailed Breakdown – Updating Matters of Information 

The two drugs, tacrolimus and cyclosporine, are considered calcineurin inhibitors and transplant patients must take them for the rest of their lives. Calcineurin is an enzyme that controls communications between brain cells and the formation of memories.

Tacrolimus and Cyclosporine – Agents Ingredients Proteins

All agents directed at Proteins (all) are: List All.

  • Transplant Favourable Matching Organisms: List All.
  • Various Anti-Rejection Transplant Drugs Serum-Tablets: List All. Breakdown Ingredients All.
  • All Known Bacterias Pro-Conditions: List All
  • Minerals Proteins Incompabilities or Non Compatible
  • Unproportionals or Non Proportional
  • Organs Bacterial or/and Fungal Infections

Keep your results to yourself. To be used only when taken into comparaison purposes.

This is my version – other versions were given to you all this morning a few minutes ago. It’s my turn now.

Therefore, if ProGeria was never seen in infants on – what would you do or have done?

So far, it is reasonable to conclude that if infants did not exist and only or regular process towards old age, nothing would have been done, yes?

When looking at ProGeria and Old Age: There are similarities

List all

Exceptions to the list of all are: Non proportional Organs, Ratios of encountered bacteria fungal infections

All antibodies active non active or surpressed

All Proteins Disorders

All Bacterias and Fungal Conditions

Inflammations Organs Digestive

All Minerals

All Medications for Regularities

All Key-Agents in Medications Tumours Cysts

Salts Sugars Brain Biopsy Matches with Kidney Liver

Child progeria vs Natural Aging Process – child is advanced while normal process advances into the malformation condition. We have here the timing. Therefore ratio is only one factor and not the essential factor – timing comparaison. Taking the organisms on its own to compare at which advanced state they both resemble. Look at the organism without knowing which one is ProGeria or Geriatric – you will see the differences with certain organisms – you may see that tumours cysts are not quite the same – would you be looking at a form of cancer never seen before such as advanced stage over 4 but not in colouration only in resemblance form shape?

When comparing the organisms found – never tell the observant analysts where they belong. Taking the scopic view for identification of disorders malfunctions conditions reversibles is your new task for this month. Revisions without knowing who these patients are. You have an idea what to do since most doctors will know just by the size that it belongs to a younger person. Advance Zoom Microscope on Organisms only.

Someone in your lab will see something – then put that something in a folder in itself and give to Supervisor who knows where to file it under such as Liver ProGeria / Liver Geriatrics – in each file and a file in its own if similarities are there. All organisms may not look the same but act in same fashions thus behavioural may be the same but the looks are not. We may be looking at other conditions within the condition Geria.


Swelling of the lymph nodes

Small, open sores may be present on mucous membranes. The sores may contain pus. Or moist sores that look like warts (called condyloma lata) may be present.

Pigmentation Related Variety Version

In dark-skinned people, the sores may be a lighter color than the surrounding skin.


  • A fever of usually less than 101°F (38.3°C).
  • A sore throat.
  • A vague feeling of weakness or discomfort throughout the body.
  • Weight loss.
  • Patchy hair loss, especially in the eyebrows, eyelashes, and scalp hair.
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes.
  • Nervous system symptoms of secondary syphilis, which can include neck stiffness, headaches, irritability, paralysis, unequal reflexes, and irregular pupils.
  • Gummata, which are large sores inside the body or on the skin.
  • Cardiovascular syphilis, which affects the heart and blood vessels.
  • Neurosyphilis, which affects the nervous system.

Looking for similarity behaviour in different presentation of:

  1. Skin , where they cause shallow open sores that heal slowly.
  2. Mucous membranes. These gummas may become cancerous.
  3. Bones, where they cause destruction of bones and pain that is especially severe at night.
  4. Eyes , resulting in visual impairment that may lead to blindness.
  5. Respiratory system where they cause hoarseness, breathing problems, and wheezing.
  6. Gastrointestinal system, where they cause stomach pain, inability to eat large meals, belching, and weight loss.
  • Known Treatment as in : Antibiotic** treatment cures or neutralises? the syphilis infection OR VIRUS?  and stops the development of gummata (gummas). But the scar tissue that forms after successful treatment will probably not go away.
    **Antibiotic – how many exist – any combinations it looks like this antibiotic is addressing lungs and intestinal flues? Yes? Both are different but combined here, yes? It’s one first then the other. Usually, the lung. Then the intestinal. Then again, that would be old practice, yes?***************************       **********************     ************

Where is Technology heading for? Memory cells are our precious comfort and ally. Many times, we are afflicted by constant exposures such as radiation or even it’s aftermath – nerves solidify and stop their co-ordination.

IBM ~ Science along Tech and Eng are presently studying ways to round up the after effects. At this point, the cost to conduct experiments are expensive in money and in time. I am forced to comply to other people’s wishes and demands – Tomorrow, IBM will not be under any obligations to comply to these said people (whom I know nothing of but since I am the CEO will be able to conduct a good and thorough questionnaire not too boring to find out who WHOM are)

Blocking methods? EXPENSIVE. The price of a pizza at one point. Tomorrow, many will not be able to afford it. Research has suffered enormously in the hands of barbarism tactics and I became their unwilling victim. Many claim that every word is a bad word – I am still waiting to hear a good word that comes from my mind or my mouth and what I will get as punishment.

How expensive is this method? Very. Blocking arrivals is always expensive. Being told that I don’t want to do anything for anyone and that I only want to do something for someone is something qui me dépasse. Bonne chance and wishing you only one thing in your life. If you meet love grab it when you have the chance. Grab your health and hold on to it. Health is expensive.

Blocking apparels and accessories need to update as soon as symptoms appear. You are to report physically when asked. Symptoms will appear on screen detectors. Right now and for many years, I feel that people around me are doing their job and are in a hurry to complete their mission, ha! All I asked was: Tell me a name and I’ll see what that means. No reply to that. Fuck them.

Adriana, CEO IBM Tech Eng ~ Science.

Added Detector Techniques are in Implementation Click HERE to see Future Development

lab4Memory Cells Acquired vary from individual to individual depending on their primary capacities

  • Memory Cells are part of a function – faculties inhabilitators
  • Memory loss that disrupts daily life
  • Create Invisible and unnoticed Challenges in planning or solving problems
  • Thus Completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure become problematic and difficult
  • Decreased or poor judgement becomes more visible feeling the need to retract from everyone
  • Loss due to disorientation follows disruptions of functions that once seemed so mechanically performed (1) fluctuation of moods
  • Realising that nothing seems the same such as understanding visual images, familiar sounds and even close relationships
  • Unable to retain words such as names verbal loss impeaching coordination to disconnect totally from even tracing the sources

Source says what has been established but for clarity:

The PCAP capillaries are surrounded by vascular basal lamina and they are separated from the underlying nervous tissue by the brain external glial limiting membrane (EGLM) that is also entirely covered by basal lamina material manufactured by the glial cells – I also will add that someone mentioned anti-bodies (for me) it would mean that the enzymes are over-active and virused perhaps.

FRIDAY, Oct. 24, 2014 (HealthDay News) — The virus that causes common cold sores — herpes simplex — might increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, two studies by Swedish researchers suggest.

  1. Objective: Take blood analysis of any person a practitioner feels has begun to lose some of his faculties (the patient) Ask for history of colds. Medications and anti-biotics. 
  2. Objective: Develop a medicated cellulose-gel with anti-biotics and other ingredients that Glaxo-Smith-Kline may have and dilute it to then inject soit-dit in several spaced out sections to permit it to spread easily.
  3. Objective: Analysis 90 days after intervention. Blood analysis and a complete scan. (Routine speech and recognition test every month to evaluate progress or stability) ***Cephalogram Advanced Method TBA

Just out of curiosity:

I took a stroll around my city. I saw that a car was parked at a place I never have seen before. I said: “Wow, first time I see a car parked here.” Then again, maybe there was a car parked there once in a while over 20 years ago during some summer afternoons when I walked by. I never saw anyone there before until I had a dog. I walked to the house and the man was standing there. I told him that the man with the two German police dog told me that I did everything in my power to make his dogs bark. I said to him: my dog wants to just play. He replied that he basically didn’t care, he was smoking a pipe. I said fine and walked to the corner of the street and spoke to this man. Fine with that.

Then I made my way to Provigo. I couldn’t believe that it’s the natural thing to do than forget things here and there. So here I said, it’s true. It was almost 2h22 in the afternoon when I had to start understanding what people going through. I started to do some quick research because I don’t like lengthy long sessions with individuals coming out of Provigo (just an example)

I asked a woman who was standing there if she could find me Spînach Tortillas Whole Grains. She looked around. I said, it’s my husband Luis Cleto and he always forgets to do something and I’m angry at him. He never does anything and he’s never home he’s busy. She wanted to help me or so it seemed. I paid close attention to her wanting her to know that I was looking at her face not missing a beat. She kept talking. I told her that she was losing her memory and not to get insulted. She is re-reading the ingredients. She says: Whole Wheat and then Enriched Flours. She then said the spinach one is always green. She also told me to go the Natural Products because her she does that. I said OMG the public must be well served just like the lawn experts who send representatives with lawncare made from University of Laval. We spoke a little about Tau and Avril stores of Produits Naturels. The one in my town no longer exists she said. We walked to the aisle. I kept looking at her face wanting her to know that I was following every word and paying attention. We arrived at the frozen department. I saw her look for something. She looked a little bit lost. Then we spoke. We walked further down and I saw that she was still looking around. I thanked her for all the information and I left.

I walked to Rogers counter. I asked: Are there any novelties here? She replies: like cellulars? I said: yes

She says: It depends of the package you take. I said: it could very well be.

She says that all the cells are the same it depends on the price – the packages are different and the cell phone itself varies in prices.

I said to myself – What the fuck am I saying that is so deviating or makes me feel like they are so disoriented?

I walk to Tim Hortons: I wanted to ask her something. The cashier looks at me and she says: Oui. I said: You know the sandwich…

She immediately replies: Get in line because it’s going to take too long. I wanted to say fuck off out loud instead I left and said, keep it for yourself.

At this point, I did 3 places. I wanted to know: What am I saying that is so complicated?

Earlier on I spoke to a real estate agent. I remember that they are still talking the same. It takes hours to pull out a little bit of information. He calls me and we talk. I ask him for some land. He said he had something and I said, it’s cheap but why – is there something beneath the terrain that shouldn’t be there? He says no. Then we talk more. Finally he tells me that there is electrical underground installation. I said: Okay. That’s why. The fucking idiot who did that had to do that when the whole area was developed. Basically, I said okay there must be another area. He said yes. He said that I could get it for around 1.3 million dollars. I told him. I lived here since 1988. I can’t think of anyone who wanted that land before. How many hands did it change? He had a hard time answering. Then finally he said that the land had been placed for sale a few times and that his time had expired and he let go. I said: it could be because we had many inundations and who knows how many wells or pockets of wells we could be finding maybe even a large underground swamp land who knows for sure. I need to do some deep digging and that costs money. I won’t pay more than $750,000 for it.  Today, I said fuck you I don’t want it. Fuck off.

Why does it take so long to get an answer? I can’t remember of anything great in Canada or U.S.A since about 1978. Hospitals and Specialists I had to yell at. Then, when this fucking idiot made me a laughing stock of Pierre Boucher Hospital with his stupidity of not doing any tests, not looking at possibilities of these symptoms of the mental illnesses, not asking my former husband what the fuck did she do now that she didn’t do before? How come you noticed a difference? Of course not, he couldn’t because maybe he married well. She goes on a vacation just to avoid him. Maybe that’s why he looked a little lost and troubled. I really couldn’t help it sometimes to just tell him to fuck off. You stand there and do fuck all. I know I am not polite and it’s not your fault if you can’t read FUCK YOU AND FUCK OFF since you don’t say it you just do it. The great memoirs of Canada and New England. I am so ashamed but they are not since they don’t know what PRIDE is. They all know FREE to shit all over the place and not even flush the toilet.

For people who want to know who I fucked, it’s everyone to know and for me to ignore you. Just for the record, I fucked everyone for free except you, I want $$$ what are you able to afford for me now? For people who want it all, work for it now. Call me when you want something. At least, then, I’ll try to understand your language since today, we speak differently.

I have nothing else to add

Chrismas 1989