IBM-PassWare External Drives by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

                                                          WorkSheet for IBM-Apple TES


Easy does it with IBM-PassWare has a name:

IB-Mastered Control Panel

“Intelligent Business Mastered Control Panel”

Completely Accomplished to:

Perform series of operations on data, computerised, to retrieve, transform, send or classify information.

Not all ICONS are included. Need to download with FreedomKey

Also a “Universal Attachments Customisation for FreedomKey” 




  • Not all Icons in grids are pre-downloaded. Use FreedomKey to download your customisation of all Icons.
  • Each Grid may contain up to 6 Icons – touch scroll or button scroll in every grid. Each grid is 2.5 inches min. 
  • Panel is sold per size and grids. TBA
  • All external drives modeled to image/photo insertables
  • Partitions for Accessibility Passware
  • All have insertables per drive with folders
  • All insertables have the capabilities to download documents, text graphics photos images motion sound etc…
  • All work separately on the passware or any device accommodated by Insertables Charger USB Memory
  • Every Drive is around $200.
  • Allotment is 6 per passware.
  • With keyboard Control Alternate to Passware
  • Keeps all your information intact including passwords.
  • Can also give out different passwords (recorded) at random
  • Wireless Timer Connection
  • Can also be connected to your iPhone or iPad (APPLE) (SAMSUNG) Data will be automaticallydownload in these iDevices by default as a backup.
  • Caution: Not Recommended is connections to portable iPhones with FreedomKey (loss of the FreedomKey is not refundable and may jeopardise all data if someone else utlises it.)
  • Secured Connection with IBM-iDevices with/combined Universal Allotment Allocation Allowing FreedomKey 
  • Only download updates when it will either ask you to strip away old version before downloading new version or updated version. FreedomKey allows this without a mass of conflicts. Some data may retain and may be retained by other programs or/and downloads.

My personnel is exceptional – I shall be receiving this next week to try and test as a consumer – it’s 5 years sitting there on the shelves waiting for an expert like me to try it out. We cannot find exceptional testers.


Merry Christmas!


By BrainPowered CEO or Artificial Intelligence?