IBM-SS or SynchSymPhonia Cell Phones Future w/FreedomKey by Adriana, CEO

Heap of metal scrap at the commercial dock, Southampton, Hampshire, England

All manufacturers of all Technology have to provide their quality observations on:

  • Circa radius of Atmospheric values away from plants
  • Circa atmospheric values inside plants
  • Their reasoning with disposal of unwanted metals and plastics
  • The provenance of material used for fabrication
  • More clauses TBA (according to lawyers)

There was a time when Electronics were sure that it would not advance any further such as IBM once thought. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates found the opportunity to prove IBM that they were out of their minds. They made more money in 10 years than IBM ever made in 20 years.

Today, I look at the heap of metal and I want this to be someone else’s burden. IBM will never sell you, our consumer anything that cannot be formatted to your needs – how, you ask?

Remembering the CD-ROM is what we at, IBM Tech Eng, will be bringing into today’s future.

CD-Rom cdrom

My father said: One day, consumers will be able to build their on televisions. He had no clue that he may have been talking about today’s computers.

I say: Today, you can taylor your IBM-SynchSymphonia Cell phones with mini-cd-roms

Every mini-cd-roms will give you accessibility to what you want to customise and we can waive the Heap of Metal Goodbye.

I am against all heaps of whatever our planet cannot digest.

The price you may ask, very little compared to what Apple or whoever else may offer.

The casing also may be taylored and customised to whatever appeals you, our consumer.


IBM Tech Eng does not guarantee – it delivers – the planet asked for deliverance from trash and heaps of metal/plastic trash it cannot digest. We listened. We deliver. We will not re-imburse but we will give you another cell phone if it is lost, stolen or broken. It will have a GPS and it will give you signals in another hardware if you purchase the SynchSymPhonia – laptop, cell and pad.

Thank you for reading IBM’s INNOVATION ADVANCED METHODS. Hopefully, you will be one of our preferred customers.

ipod_nano_7_homebutton DVDiPad IBM-SyncPhonia not as shown here.

MagicMOUNT is used with Magnetics for places that such as fridges an mirrors and other aluminium surfaces OR can be just used on emplacement beneath the MEMORY Cells… as a phone charger. It contains the FreedomKey as well. Price for this is a little higher = $50. equivalent in £ is = TBA

***Within a few years, amateurs of technology will try their hands at building their own Portables (cellulars/radios) Thanks to parts provided by IBM HighTech PreEngineered – we won’t let you ride without our guidance.***

Please realise that FreedomKey from IBM is engineered to permit you more than the accessibilities provided by any makers of technology.

FreedomKey permits user to:

  • Answer telephone calls from the remote of your TV.
  • Answer telephone calls from your radios such as SIRIUS AND WILL NEVER INTERFERE WITH THEIR INTERFACES AND PLATFORMS
  • Answer telephone calls from your laptops
  • Answer telephone calls from your PC (desktop)
  • Other accessibilities reflect the number of screens purchased with FreedomKey
  • Never rely on remotes per technology gadgets
  • Retrieve any information from any gadget incorporated with FreedomKey
  • Shut Down any gadgets incorporated with FreedomKey
  • FreedomKey is to also Shut Down or Turn On any gadgets from a distance.
  • Electronics and Small Electric Appliances (with installation provided by IBM Selected SubContractors) included in this kind of mechanism.
  • More TBA
  • Fixed-Price of FreedomKey: $29.99 each (limit of 3 per user will have chain-series to discourage hacking)

*PÉNUTIF: As always, anyone copying this MOTTO in advancement of Technology Engineering Philophies of A G  LANG will pay 90% of their gross revenue. 

Adriana, CEO of IBM Tech Eng.

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