IBM Tech Eng Dona Luisa Made Easy Swimming Pool Innovation by Adriana


Spring chores around the house made EASY!

My Mom would call it: Dona Luisa Made Easy. I cleaned a lot and she also called me Mme Blancheville.

I had so many names – including Jacqueline Kennedy, the photographer. And I quote: “Put it in the newspaper Jacqueline, put it in the newspaper.”

And I should take Charm & Personality classes to meet a Prince like Grace Kelly did. Ah well, c’est la vie! No charm and no personality.  I have to do without. *sigh*

SwifferSweeperVac swimmingpooltubes

Model shown above is not what IBM Tech Eng is famous for. The idea or the concept is similar.

White mouth suction platform with one single long tube that enters one linen (cheesecloth) bag to wash with hose and reuse.


Cheesecloth linen bag with zipper around to easily open for easy clean up with

hose and hang to dry. Rake leaves and throw in recycle if available.

This method is in the works and Adriana is pleased to announce that the price is more than affordable. Suitable for any swimming or/jacuzzy any size – Children safe but always precaution and supervise if children of any age is handling the chore.

Preferred manufacturer to assist IBM is Black & Decker. Quality and Durability or They pay.

Dona Luisa Cleaning System includes:

  • Vacuum
  • Battery
  • Hose
  • Linen Bags (3)

Chrismas 1989 How easy was this? How much?

Good question. Ask IBM Tech Eng soon and this will be made available at every store where swimming pool accessories are made available for your convenience and summer enjoyment.