Novelty IBM Tech Eng Goes Reversible by Adriana CEO

IBM TV Ceiling


AdjustableBeds LouisXIV Bed

  • Sensory Remotes Reversible to Manual. USB Charger/MemoryCell 
  • Software TBA
  • Impeccable Visual Sound High Definition or its FREE
  • Charger works while operating – never miss out on juice
  • Records Once – Formatted into a No-Copy Mode
  • Sound System Mounting – Records into Formatted into No-Copy Mode
  • Detector of Discrepancies
  • Ceiling Mount with adjustments to slide forward or backward to suit beds rooms and adjustable furniture such as bed above.
  • Basic IBM SynchPhonia accessories included
  • Sizes available TBA
  • Extra Feature ability to Wall or Ceiling Mount
  • Features + streamline TBA (optional)
  • Cost TBA





Samsung has it with its digital camera Flip – Take a selfie and take the scenery. You choose.

IBM has given me the chance to see this in every computerised gadgets even the IBM-Pad, IBM SynchSymPhonia


Do you remember Dell’s latest Flip a Screen?

That’s already OBSOLETE as IBM is working on a Reversible for your Protection – Find it in your Security Properties with IBM SynchSymPhonia.


For professional use only – external switches for a reversible thus eliminating the need for an extra screen when using the Freedom Key ($29.99) It gives you the mode accessibility found in your properties.

Get the full reward of 2 fully loaded programs at the touch of your fingertips for consumer use only. Easy Peasy you may say and this at 30% less than our leading competitor.

Your touch will permit the screen to zoom out of view and its reverse to appear into view – just like the camera.

What’s new at IBM? Plenty exclaims Adriana, CEO “It’s just about quality and not quantity.” She also says: “Finding the right personnel with full dedication is not always easy either and to train these fucking idiots is even harder.”

Chrismas 1989

Adriana doesn’t promise – She delivers. It’s a question of time and that has been her biggest downfall since 1989.




































































Astronaut David Levy has returned to Earth after discovering E.T and C2 in space. After a satellite communication, David tells children of Germany that E.T and C2 want to visit Germany for their Christmas Trees.







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