IBM Tech Eng Goes Toy Factory with MusicIStore + IBM-Pad

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NO Promises and NO Apologies either – Christmas Wishes Lists may contain:


Example of existing iPods and iPads and iPhones NOT the IBM-Pad

  1. The IBM-Pad under construction since February, 2015.
  2. 2 sizes
  3. Accommodate: CD-Rom and DVD
  4. External Commands
  5. Touch + Scroll Block Switch on Manual to keep screen from turning and for excellent viewing
  6. Internal Commands
  7. Freedom Key Accessibility Included (Use the one from your IBM-Unit $29.99) or Get Extra one.
  8. OPTION: Cool  HeadPhones Wireless (can work with certain functions with Extra Freedom Key)


  1. MusicIstore under construction since February, 2015
  2. 2 Sizes
  3. Customised for music downloads/uploads
  4. USB MC Charger with Disc Ring of Saturn (under construction – Memorex) – wall or computer
  5. Record your own storytelling in MC 
  6. External Commands found on USB MC Charger
  7. Price: $100.00 
  8. NOT INCLUDED – Freedom Key

MusicIstore best suited for children, joggers, and sports oriented people. ***

***Chains and Clips not included + Freedom Key are not included


Accessories Available:

IBM-Pad = Price: $300. ***

Cool HeadPhones = Price : $100 

Price: $29.99 per Freedom Key OPTION

OR Complete Set

Total Cost of = IBM-Pad + Cool HeadPhones + 2 x Freedom Key $459.98

****Best suited for EVERYONE for easy viewing and listening enjoyment.


Coleco Assignment: (Not robotised) under construction and negotiation

Works with the IBM-Pad or MusicIstore – Only Transparent Casing is included on Tecco 

Transparent Casing can be used on other stuffed toys if desired. 


IBM New StoryTellers Tecco Babbler for children under 4 years of age

and Tecco Talk for anyone who want to share the fun of a Tecco.


And, if APPLE can beat this price and offer you all this at the prices quoted above, please let me know.

Comment below if you so desire and not mandatory.

This idea starts a concept. When I woke up this morning it gave me an idea of what I was going to face!

Am I so tired? Am I regaining energy? What if I could improve it? A booklet can suggest what can be tried.

What is the colour you see and pleases you. That colour will get richer. Your pupil can transform the colour slightly. Getting it richer or fading. This system is computerised. The consumer who wants to play around can also share their experiences with a department of IBM ~ Science. 

Transforming a concept into a mood enhancer or stabiliser. Revolutionising the methods to accept and improve health with all the fun of doing this. We want to know, through your moods what you are expecting from IBM. Do you like it. Have you used it. Who was with you. TBA


mood ring




Chrismas 1989


Anyways kids of all ages, I do understand what Christmas is all about. I never get what I want.


What is it that you want? And I want to give you the 3 wishes.

I am a Genie – give me 3 wishes.

*Capable of granting wishes when summoned.

*****If prisoners of destiny cannot fulfill your wishes only.

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