IBM Tech Eng Lock-Unlock Format-Theme DoItYourWay by Adriana CEO


PageCloud with CrunchBase Concept.

Who is catering to? Business only. People with busy schedules and people who do not want to re-hire for the sole purpose of add-ons done on previous pages.

I don’t call that creative and thank you. Basically, IBM Tech Eng is also children oriented. Children do get to use GoogleChrome, Apple and Microsoft but do they have the chance to get CREATIVE?

Find out with non-formatted pages, lock and unlock as needed when you creating and editing.

Start with a white blank page and let the colours bloom with IBM-DIYW + IBM Freedom Key = accessibilities. Download browser connected to one of your servers + Software.


  • All content imported have sub-links.
  • Place to add all the time and lock at all times until editing.
  • You can change the theme or add one to an existing one.
  • Experiment with Images as well as content in colours and fonts, sizes and formats.
  • Accessibility for more features in future dates (Not Yet Released)

For our growing clientele and for parents and children working together in fun, creativity and education. Can be sold to schools. Most schools are equipped with computers.

Chrismas 1989


I am blessed with a fucking bunch of fucking idiots. Check out CrunchBase… what a stomach turnover but thanks to them we get better.