IBM Tech Eng ~ Science Fascinated by Artificial Intelligence says Adriana CEO

Objective: Normalise or regress or forward what defines: loss or void of Enzymes, Hormones, Chromosomes and Neuro-Transmitters.

Expectations: Rejuvenation, Gain of Balance of Enzymes, Hormones and Regularise their functions in an accommodating speed preventing thus its overproduction. 


Artificial Intelligence hit a ceiling. Sort of or maybe it just skimmed a surface.


Radar Detector is on the verge of an Explosive Convergence of Mind Over Matter

What can IBM Tech Eng ~ Science do Tomorrow?

Let’s take a long look at recent and past studies on Syndromes and Mental Dysfunctions and Disorders. Technology is take a fresh look at what it will do to:

  • Down Syndrome
  • Autism (far cousin of Down Sydrom or Mongolism)
  • Other Syndromes connected to loss/empty of Coordination Connectors.
  • More

Past studies and observation have demonstrated loss or void of Enzymes, Hormones, Chromosomes and Neuro Transmitters.

Adriana, CEO of IBM Tech Eng ~ Science is stressing the point: Syndromes and Heart Deficiencies and much more – how to define and how to regress and incorporate the right Chromosomes, Hormones and Neuro-Transmitters.

What to expect next in Science only Adriana CEO can tell and time is of ESSENCE.

Chrismas 1989 PrinceAndrew

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Vladimir  DrEvil

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Yes, more work coming your way. It’s a dead wish to let Apple do this at a fraction of the way and at 500% more cost – Pay from your own pocket and make it stick.