IBM Tech Eng ~ Sensories by Adriana



Perceptions and Projections.

What does the human mind project and how is it received at the other end, by the human mind that is not reflecting on the same scale in behaviour and wavelength.

Can pain be projected unto a screen without the patient feeling it or even sensing it?

Segments in Hormonal, Nervous System and Sensory which may include faculties within its behaviour environment may change from one individual to another. Can background and culture be a factor?

How can IBM Tech Eng ~ Science incorporate factual analysis.

Only through Visual – Audio and direct Macro Commands via Satellite when deemed necessary can this be achieved.


Proto-Trial Test on Deaf-Mute on Deaf Post

  1. Internal Implants vs External Implants – interaction at play with WiFi
  2. Can that Knot be rounded up between the Audio and the Speech Patterns connecting to Memory Cells 
  3. How will other sensories react to this stimuli
  4. How will retaining powers react to this stimuli
  5. How will body balance / hormonal balance react to this stimuli
  6. Scans can only be modified and be alternated with movements from one ear – balance equilibrium individual needs in accord with DNA – Spinal fluids Chemistry within their reactions.
  7. To be able to incorporate this system into an existing system some modification may be deemed necessary. Due to frequencies, wavelength, radio-waves and infrared text graphic modes, all zones must be in SyncPhonia.  Thus, reducing the risk of miscommunication and misunderstandings between the parties connected into the networks.

Visual is a primary component while audio can be then channeled into its own path where it will not interrupt with visual or real live feed of the actual motion.

This method when in place with several networks – can be achieved and acquired with 2 options.

First Option: Blocking Entry – Cannot be modified in a platform

Second Option: Return Entry-Exit and Macro Commands Customised.

Both methods are customised in a platform.

This system is for professional use only.

Chrismas 1989 Adriana CEO

Wishing you all – an Electric Avenue and we can take it higher.