IBM-TES Goes Sectional BoomViewBoxes by Adriana CEO

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Colours Sectionals for Various Purposes – above is photo on lungs 

  • In my brain there is more than a set of lungs in a body. Kidneys Liver and everything else that could use a burst of nitrogen ingredients to recovery repair and one day self-cloning in its primary phase.

Natural Phenomena of Nitrogen Burst full of Extra Ingredients by Colour Balls 

  • Outside other treatments available to then prioritise inteventions along with necessary treatments is like calling in Rejuvenation Youth Centers. TBA it's in the works.
  • Injections of Coloured Balls (bullets) 
  • Forced into Expansion
  • Release – Slow Suspension Delay for continuous action timely manner.
  • Assisting Oxygen Mask Contributor
  • Will it help in recovery only or healing to one day self-clone into acceptable condition?
  • TBA


At IBM – its not all that serious at all times.

BoomView Boxes go sectional. 

Stay tuned!

IBM – Traves every time and every place you take us to we're there to serve you. We stand by your needs and wants – quench every desire with complete satisfaction at affordable prices never over:

Cost + 10-20% – just enough to evolve before you even ask. We'll be there.

You are the artist – tell us what you want to see in your BoomViewBox and it shall be customised right there and then.


You are the artist! Behave like one. Then say: Do I have room for more whenever I decide and can afford it?

IBM will answer: Totally.

External Drive Laser Recording – Reading – Storage


Charger Solar-Battery-Bar USB 

lightcolourusb lightsusblaptop

A replica of what the module for Ports may look like above the laser lights. Sectionals of BoxBatteryRechargeables Storage – Usage Multiple. Wi-Fi from Module Box Cell into Files.

It will be recommended for each file – more files. 


What's so Special at IBM? Glad you asked.

Above or behind the LASER lights – panel is added.

Every USB storage recorder reader has a socket per colour.

This method can be used – Medically professionals and anyone else who need to record the laser interventions or whatever use your laser may have. 

À surveiller – Surveillance – Annual Physicals and Cancers – Thermometer a little longer has the same principle. It does have a hook to inject scratch retrieve suction to auto-close. thermometre  lightcolourusb Strep_throat


  • This Elbow PlasticGlass Throat Probe may have the same principles has the other thermometer look for anal insertions.
  • Laser Interventions for both of them when diagnosis is satisfactory.

Let's GET Creative or else I will never be able to wear Cathy Spielberg's famous outfits at least semblable designed for me. What an honour – no dress no nothing – just lonely. :'( 

Laser lights control viewer reader – scratch retrieve suction from tip powered by cable on other end. USB Battery Storage Wi-Fi directly into file of patient. 

The mid-section is just like a microscope reading its content – blood fluid live cells etc. so on and so forth.

To be improved – it's out there and Scientology already has it. We have to improve it and make it better better better. We are a bunch of fucking idiots. Permanent Learning Disabilities is fine but fucking idiots on a permanency is not.


If you believe that the above is feasible.

IBM-TES is still working hard at copying everything Scientology has and they have quite a lot – Best served is served by Scientology and the Kennedy Clan please direct all your complaints to their offices… 


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