IBM-TES HandConnector Alone or IBM-Housing by CEO IBM-TES

How colour entered our homes years ago!

Welcome to the 60's

Today, we are looking at a part of the 60's

Versatile Screen Projection Injection

Hard Case

Hard Wall Soft Cover Case

Business or Art or Writer Screen Sleeve

The MouseConnect Functions MicroChips Battery Rechargeable

Some here go for under $200. while others a little more.

MultiFunctionals. MultiLevels is finally here in a small abbreviated way.

Multi-Functions are made of Macros using less buttons for functions to gather to perform.

Multi-Levels are made of HighPerformance Macros to work with platforms and programs not included in the Invisible Screen Portfolio. 

This innovation permits the entry accessibility of Internet.

Connections to Internet not included.

What the screen has is the connection between the mouse and the screen which is fully operational as an internet on Wi-Fi. A mobile telephone can permit this Wi-Fi mode wherever you are on this planet. It follows the Star Satellite of the said zones.

Multi-Functions Buttons Insructions included.

MicroChips + Battery =  2 per MouseConnect

These models are without the Mobile Features.

Other models will be with the IBM-TES 3-way Mobile Transformer 


Take NOTE: Not IBM-TES real photos [/caption]

Design under Construction Mental Aptitude Permitting.

3-Way Mobile Transformer Style MouseConnect 

IBM-Housing features 3-way Mobile Transformer MouseConnect

IBM-TES HandConnector Alone or IBM-Housing 

It will have potentials still under construction 

It will be accessible to any attachments iDevices when  Universal Connectors are made available in designs meeting our eras. Professional or Entertainment Uses.

What is really new? Nothing much only the design, the past and today's innovation in connections. MicroChips Batteries Solar Power Electrical and Electronics meet in connections for professional or/and entertainment uses.

Nothing new, not really. Assembling little pieces together to give out the ultimate experience in very little time in all security or as far as our security permits it.

Start small and Grow with IBM-TES. We love attachments.

My son brought me a present from Korea. I saw his face. He liked it. Bells Charms.

I told him – Asians have a sense of concentration more of mental aptitude that needs to be adopted. Concentration with 2 eyes is better than one eye. 

Watch it!