IBM-TES Merges Entertainment with Health Growth Chart by CEO


Central Station of All Operations in Homes, Offices, Schools for Specialisation and not for the PatientX

It takes a little of specialism and a little of technology to become the quasi-perfect teacher – as PatientX develop, these teachers develop while adding to our new textbook.

Because I feel I could be qualified in certain ways; I am developping R2D2 with BB-8 the drones.

Musk Bezos are into space control navigational tools while I believe that less now with full comprehension is far better than all the needs with unqualified teachers and technology to go straight into E.I. known as Emotional Intelligence.

The programs and the content to meet and to retrieve with the following methods. Watch the screen. Read your notes. Instantly in view at a command.

Example: Beer Comparison February 9, 2019 – Add-ons?

The question mark is the first one and the second one is Beer. Or, Beer is the first and ? is right after. 2nd dates. By month February first.  You don’t remember at all. Do you know your are talking about beer? What other word would go with beer now, name at least 5. Basically up to 10 keywords would be the norm.

BB-Tell by print.

BB-Tell by Monitor-Screen Print or and Video if any.

BB-Prints by Video

BB-Show  – it will instantly click on the links if any. Images may grow bigger if no link.

Basically, the user has options on the ways and methods of showing what has been recorded and registered.  Even in print – all links have a colour. Telex will be able to bring the cartridge to the colour and click on it. On the screen, whatever the link represents – will be seen.

I can’t wait to see the future in 100 years. Well, I am not going to wait 100 years and I wanna see it asap. TelexCNCP too.

Look at the paper in the roller. Graphing Gramming is also possible.

Yes, place your phone call by Skype just with a Telex. No memory. It’s on the presentation, the documents, the PowerPoint, the image, the graph – name it. That Telex Cartridge will gram you a return call.

Telephone numbers? One day that will be wiped out and you all have to learn it while IBM-TES needs to learn it now.

Chain restaurants and big online ordering such Amazon now and others who go further than a nation will have the same number wherever the location is and will be just by connecting in the same parallel as 9-1-1

Not in 100 or 1 million years. 9-1-1 can do it so can IBM CNCP Telex Telegram. My whole time favourites. Cannot compare it with anyone so far.

Since its our system Bell needs to buy it from us. AT&T too.

IBM believes that Call Home starts here in North America. Popular belief won over them. They took the whole space and never gave CEO a chance to move with her plans. Feeling sorry for myself is gone – sadness will remain.

Musk and Bezos into computers – great – you got a lot of customers I would never address with such force aggressiveness and above all in total ignorance why they need to empathize n order to get something done, what? I shall never ask. Hollywood to the peasant… they are all yours. I don’t want them.