IBM-Tower DocDraft Sites Publishing by AG LANG, CEO of IBM

Examples of what is now and not examples to become – TBA

First off, no hurry to build a page or a post with WP.

I want to move my right side bar or shrink it a little – no buttons in place for this little detail function.

Today, I fired all people involved with Auto-Formatting and that is always a no-no when the first thing anyone should see : The functions with the expertise in the fully understood ease of this novelty presented by IBM. OUT. Not buts and whys – many have been here for years when I told them: Some idiots out there present a software and not even or soon after application, the big window shows up asking to go pro. Going pro from what? Well, according to them, you can go pro at any time since it’s a fuck up.  Fired. All personnel around this kind of fabrication of non-sense – OUT. I don’t work. You don’t work.

New Method is – The draft comes out and stays in the WP by control command – when finished – to instantly place it there in the template page. Save it. In the template nothing seems real for hackers. The drafts work alone but will go into identified folders. Once the document is saved in the template the said draft is no longer part of WP. It returns into a “DONE” Folder of GENRE DEPARTMENT Folder DATED from start to closure. All I.D. is in the draft in the designated folder. This draft now has the past (it’s initial start, meaning, its assembly Protocols IP API + Destination and its protocols IP API… open fields for data to enter by middlepath – middlepath is in the spreadsheets for all media connections) 

New Advanced Method for the busy small businessman. All pages are templates and one multi-level will always have the same EditorTools. WP does not need to be updated. If you choose to do so and still keep this new advanced – Draft into Sales method – it is a choice of disabling or keep it active from your end – the folder not the WP.

What happens is: The template is your Space Editor. Your Draft Document is the content, all the content. When the post page are saved – it is just a matter of clicking and doing whatever the older system permitted. Links into links and into media into other links – that doesn’t change – we have here 2 analysis. One for Alexa and she can keep it the way she wants without disturbing the WP Templates. Because it is a trial and because most people are very well versed with MS Word Document – it will resemble it. When there is a need to modify the content – you just copy paste over it and even there – all is written. Underneath there was XXX-OOO-NNN-WWW.YYY.GGGG.WAAA.GGG. and now there is add on. What happens after is – both documents of the same post page are visible in the folder of the user. What happens after is a wait and see what can be copied in the existing template and removed or even texted. The Template itself will take note of it without sounding an alarm. Since in te removals and in the add-ons or typeover codes come out or are formulated in the (*) multiplication file of the template draft from Document. From the spreadsheet as it is linked into media, it will take another (+) to place with (*) Only the spreadsheets receive the data. Not the draft. The symbols get the (+) (+) (-) in the colours programmed.

WP is an example of a landing page into pages into posts without too many plug-ins when not going Template. PhotoShop is the same for the Template. Make DIY editing is from the Document Draft – taylored to the sites first attributions. All the composites of the said sites immediately merge with the empty space allotment for these purposes.

In the Document Draft – there is a place for an entry to be placed in the bottom box-block just like a typical contact form or reply form. When someone wants to reply, this block box reply type is the same versatile for every platform available and permitted in the Document Draft for example, I may choose Facebook replies from my posts to be seen ihere underneath my template. So I get, the username of FB, the post is here and the reply or the comment typed in not since this form, reply comment will reply instantly to any comments. When the reply doesn’t come it’s either a or the person is not able to reply. After, we shall find out more as we go where the bots are and where people are located.

Are people paying for FB to keep bots hanging around or are they from another planet like Twitter bots to bots. Spreadsheets specify location provenance and destinations while FB TW do not.

People who like to remember px by 12 – 10 – 14- are the same as me who want to remember clothes by 8 10 12 14. When patterns started with XS-S-M I thought I was going mad here since I saw what XS S M meant in recent past measures.

Document Draft – is the past present and not the future since you can always disable Template Post Page to WP Today. Go right ahead and dive in to WP Today. You only disabled the Document Draft to WP. The Document DRAFT can work alone

Overprotecting WP Posts Pages and Overprotecting the Document Draft is nonsense. Editing photos can be done on the Site and in Document Draft. Writers Authors do not need to always worry for payments

Document Draft has its Editor Copy Paste into the template for Sites. For Publishing.  Tablets will read any e-material in the same file it was introduced into the e-publishing.