IBM-Toys Publications + WorkShops by CEO of IBM-TES

Each cell (components) seen above represents allocations for MicroChips

Where text typed – Mouse/Hand Control. 

Screen and Libraries sold separately. 

Viewing only where applicable. 

Clinics – Hospitals – Universities – Businesses – Personal Residential.

Toys at Toys R Us will sell the complete library with the collection.

Walt Disney CD DVD Collections – 10 collections available.

Each collection includes : Book PDF – CD audiobook with page turners flipping for viewing images and learning with text. 

Acquired on the given date.

How many visits

Where it was last read or seen or viewed.

Comments/notes from mobile or iDevices

Keyword Emplacements – Walt Disney figurines.  Drawing tablets. Crayons. (make your list on notepad. Keep in library. Remove – Add.

Segments (ask Asus Chrome) Style

Ask Asus Chrome what they feel about Virgin MicroChips for this module / concept – Should people be able to even try their hand and creativity with photoshops and home made videos and audiobooks – sound / text / motion clips.

Libary are purchased separately 

How do I fill up RxDx with Innovation.

How do I feed BB8 with words action sound. 

Growing with my clients.

Our clientèle expects the "never seen" 

Our clientèle would appreciate plug-ins cables wi-fi connections to transfer to another device mobile to laptop, desktop, mobile or iPad Tablets.

Is it possible to take a few moments and search for anything similar already made available by Apple the Trillionaire? Maybe, he already has it I just do  not know the name or what it goes by.

Have you ever seen this one? Do you feel that it could be too much before our time? Do you feel that it can be priced with library and MicroChips – library alone? A few libraries in the famous RxDx? Do you believe that Univesities can sell them to students and professors? Do you feel that we can sell them to health professionals? Do you feel that we can sell them to Administration of Schools and Universities. All these people can resell and make a small profit, n'estce pas? 

Do you feel that when this awesome concept is in demonstration with the most popular products (Walt Disney or WB or MGM) I saw the movie and its better than the book and the guy has both. Or I read the book and I saw the movie both were good or bad? 

Is there something you do not understand or cannot continue from hereon? So, I'll drop it for now. 

RxDx is a Tower of Information full of Libraries and Drawers.

How has it been going since we last spoke after this request, that is?



DVD's Audio will follow with translations. Not from Shapiro. New Translation Advanced Methods. Mine.

TBA when it comes for presentations appropriate for each translation.

I believe in everything in its place and in its time. Page Cups is all about Advanced Methods while the Page of Wands has a different meaning always with some gossip and chronicles times are changing not times are forgotten.


Attn: Personnel les Trouvailles et sa Restoration.

For my own personal use.

  • Find Vinyls 33 Fables de la Fontaine.
  • Need the originals French Version only.
  • Play and record on CD for my own personal use.
  • I want the hard copy and the original vinyls together.

These Vinyls are atleast 50 years old. 78 may be found (maybe)

Disques 33 tours vinyls Fables de la Fontaine

This RxDx is small for our Big Industries

Sound System – Skype for every room or any room of choice and of course it is sold by sets of x-xx-xxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxxx numbers per package.