IBM:iClouding? No. Just adding “CentralStations” by CEO of IBM-TEC

Attn: Personnel Email Marketing Grouping aka icloud all emails
I don’t believe that it serves any purpose to get out of email addresses in order to group them all when IBM can open their own email add and incorporate any other email addresses within.
To the makers of iCloud of emails into one address –
Microsoft Bing is not interested and it shows. And SpaceMaker is for electricals but it does have the right concept. If someone in real estate would walk in a SpceMaker’s Concept – it would convert to a Studio. In a studio, there could be a screen as a room divider but it won’t change that it is a studio.  A separator or a screen with Hub and X amount of Ports. Satellites at least 2. What will a software do now, in french, on s’enjambe. One body’s Torso and three to four legs. 
Would you say that Satellites support other Satellites in range fields approximately just about in the same fashion as antennae do? 
Intrusion that a Hub in Hardware Transmitter can Detect to give out 2 or even 3 satellite versions instead of the ports that come with the devices that could be fed by software with applications for the said platforms. 
How to sell this: Professional Use and older version of National Defense of US and of Canada.  It will open up new channels for advanced development seen in sites, social media platforms and browsers. Proxies and protocols to finalize. Conditions from 3rd parties not included. 
So far, I can download a UK Browser but it does not specify that it does contain a “blogger” Google Browser has Blogger with GMAIL.
Firefox – has no email but can go into sync. Fuck you. Whoopeedeedooh.
Even if the computer crashes, Microsoft is a platform outside documents and photos – all that has been injected in websites. Basically when a computer crashes, it is not Windows who will recuperate it for you or anyone else unless you get back up.
IBM wants to revolutionize that philosophy into incorporate and distributing into IBM-Platforms. Something happens to a device it doesn’t happen to another device. When buying IBM-Tablet with PC – you are a double winner.
Use it on your website;
in Sync email addresses
Use it on Facebook, (similar) interactive.
Use it on your Administrative section
Leave portholes connectors from Facebook (similar) to Email of IBM.
Never use your website for sync.
Import MS Gmail
IBM Inbox
Conference (team for a said conference)
Labels of Conference by date followed by name and location or product or all of it that will become SubLabels of the Initial Label.
Marketing by date followed by name and location or product or all of it that will become SubLabels of the Initial Label.
Proposals by date followed by name and location or product or all of it that will become SubLabels of the Initial Label.
MS inbox – it will automatically resend the email to another MS account.
Schedule Delete after 30 days – and keep the last recent 2 of the said month – the MS email address is always active.
Gmail Inbox
Click on Junk or Spam for one email address – label it “under revision”
What is bogus – label “do not open or click on it” it is automatically sent to securities of the system. And dealt with.
IBM Inbox – regular clients or new clients.
MS inbox – potential clients leads and newsletters
Gmail Inbox – potential clients leads and newsletters.
Recommended to consumer: Ask Cortena the cunt to double everything and send to Tablet. What is done at the desk can be doubled not copy only – the whole IP goes into Tablet. It becomes the entity.
If Apple was doing this – it sure took time for anything to happen. Using iCloud when Apple has Tablets iPhones PC Desk. Imagine the nightmare of 3 different identities from one administration. Don’t go there, it’s a joke.
Please keep it confidential on the A.I. Apple is full of fruits and the fruits seem to blow away like a dead dry leaf by the wind. It flies everywhere with a scattered brain for data processor.
IBM remembers Data Processor and so does Tabitha the wife of Stephen King, Banging the Wang.
Buy the bundle – a professional in routing the data from one device into another will be more than happy to assist you. Because, Hub has been used for many years while Ports and Hub became rather new it sort of hammed with BlockChain the maker of eCommerce as a protection shield barrier but a lot of nonsense for the consumer when trying to model the program/software into all his pages posts and needs. BlockChain Gutenberg has failed to give out all the instructions to WordPress – In turn, WordPress has failed inform the consumer that VERSION 5.0 comes with different plug-ins and plug-ins installed for paths editors etc… will have to be deactivated in order for Gutenberg Chainblock to function along with Elementor and Collapse while this would be going on – to give Gutenberg the possibility for a few flexible blocks images and text blocks to be moved around with text wrap.
I may want to take the same image and half the text for the next post page and redirect it by placing the photo image on the left and the text wrapping from left to right and underneath. Or ImagePhoto on the right and have the wrap on the right to the bottom.
Email attack starts in your email box. Fine. It’s a good place for spam trash and junk mail. It sometimes stems from downloads. So, let’s say IBM has a software application that can be used. Identification would be: IBM for Windows Miscrosoft Bill Gates – all the id is there. Or, Get free download blahblah…
When a person clicks on download – it talks about taking McAfee or Norton and I say NO. Sometimes, I get it anyway. Then it says do you want to use Casino Chips Magical Land as a web browser. I say NO. Sometimes I get it anyway. Let them pay for this one. See if the consumer wants it after.
IBM sells to a consumer – server internet, site(s) emails(2)
One of the emails will be the icloud
When should I recharge my batteries – the moment it beeps. Take the recharged usb key and sock it to it. ChainUSBBlock with Memory Boards is what will be the IN-Thing.
Okay, TBA.