Impressing the Empress of Eccentricities IBM-TES Personnel by Anonymous Duh!

Everyone advertised watch this expensive car get blown into smitherines with James Bonds. I really don't remember the brand of the car. So, I digress but I did hear this even on the radio. 

Well, Lamborghini won't  blow up per se but it will be mind bloggling.

What it does other than regular fancy features is it can fly duo-car-shuttles looks like one while it can also disengage in mid-air (low altitude) to go separate ways. 

Need to pick up someone? Your better half will taxi to his house, his location and take him to you by GPS. Your better half never loses sight of his better half. 

Are you out there trying to impress someone?

It seems that people get impressed with so little. 

This woman may start getting impressed with these features. 

Self-Driven Car-Shuttles with only Best Volvo and Lamborghini Body Curves.

The rest is a mystery. Since this woman doesn't believe that it should cost more she does know that the dynamics around this separation is not free – best to be secure and not pennypinching on this model.

I can't wait to see this. 

Be reasonable, it can only grow from here.