Infections/Bacteria Control IBM Tech Eng by Adriana

Early Cancer / Infections / Bacteria Control and Detection

Start at the hospital even if the patient doesn’t SEEM to need it. Men and Female can benefit from this program that is quickly done and could be an answer to an early detection.

Early Detections will be simplified at their purest levels with this new IMPLEMENTATION by IBM Tech Eng for Science

Methods below are simple and not complicated.

Tests are then done through R2D2 Analyzer

PH Balance with Strips/Cups/Tige

Vaginal Douche for PH Control when necessary and when to do it.

MenstrualCup Tige Bandelette_urinaire Douche

Chemicals used are to be announced (in progress)

Memorandum to Hospitals St Justine and Montreal Children

  • Please report the steps taken around blood banks/spinal cord marrow of patients (young children) 
  • The full analysis prior their recession 
  • Full analysis during their recession
  • Observation if/when malignancy regrouped and steps taken to arrest it once more
  • Dates these steps have taken place and dates of reports/analysis.

These questions need your answers and input right now and are necessary for IBM Tech Eng to further their education on your continued progress in order to serve our objectives for quality living conditions.

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Chrismas 1989 Adriana LANG