Ingest Inject Bathe in Magnesium by LANG IBM-TES


Objective of this experiment:

Through blood analysis find:

Metals and all excess our organisms have accumulated with time. 

Finding its concentration

Finding its reason of concentration

Finding Balanced Food Regime

Finding reasonable time management between these analyses

Finding Balanced Exercise Regime par la suite

While introduction of said Magnesium can be of benefit; 

Articulation of our body will only enhance the benefits. 


Introduction of Borax Baking Soda ?

Washing externally internally.

How much is too much when blood tests do not complement the need to detox.

I would like this made available with possibly aiming at detoxing blood and liver enzymes from accumulation of metals, calcium deposits and, more. 


Natural Home Remedies included – Before any treatment Exceptions: bathing and washing body with said magnesium / borax / baking soda, a need to at least get annual blood test is recommended by moi.

Are we to revise our methods of analysis. Never hurts to try finding out if any of these particles are noticeable even as trace in our stream, blood, urine and other liquids.

Brain liquid! Please revise for organisms particles in excess or lack of and or depleted as an annual recommendation and first priority to children and seniors. Second priority dependence of alcohol, prescribed and illegal drugs since we are entering permissiveness, we should be able to start separating results with I.D. labels.