Insights Visible Sounds vs Instinct-Intelligence by IBM-TES CEO

For those who already done this – please revise. January 30, 2020 I am Italian. Some out there cannot wait to remove that little ladder away from your feet and remove your trust in your own beliefs.

Superficial – slight diminutive short small as insignificant only to be the gofor in between what is occurring beneath and much lower. 

Artificial – made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural

Since Artificial Intelligence is here to stay – how about seeing the superficials of its potentials. Being in a diminutive into its wider scopes. Simulating the Artificial I in other ways. 

It would possible look, for now, Suggestive to the A.I. in place and known. Can Superficial Intelligence direct more than A.I. itself? Is it because of its closeness in copy but its diminutive in activity or reactor. Being second or third in command. Warp 10 for A.I. to Warp 1 or .5 Superficial Layers moving from .5 being the slowest weakest in reactor to other layers of Warp Speed to finally releasing the command to A.I. layer beneath and closer to the functions.

What if Scanning the Scan were made possible. Is the control of the handling becoming more possible from A.I. itself? I would say – IBM – TES believes it is worth a try. Forceful hands are found in men more than in women – Scanning the Scans makes it possible for the Superficial to drop slowly to the cells with a softer handle in speed and connection where applicable.


Question to All at IBM-TES.

Before starting anything – Answer this. 

What does Scanning the Scan make you think of. Someone or a few of you or many of you will come up with its continuity in branching out. 


January 23, 2019 

Finally, A.I. no more. Human Intelligence with the Help of A.I. to continue our routes. We are meant to go about it with an understanding with visibility not with noise and jolts of abrupt rough or violent movements as we have been living so far. This experiment is not to camoufler the noise it is to understand its way to irritability and anxieties. To minimize its frequencies not its sound.  Neurofields need to be planned and implemented for a quality of life between our organisms – understand its intelligence and its instinct to function.

Looking for nutrition and for growth – regrowth will be possible.  In our beginning, it was not there till it became. In our living state, we see how it all started and we are to find how to continue without an end. This will permit us to find other organisms to associate with to find more sources of nutrition for growth and possibly re-growth.

Most healing is done during our sleep. The more we move, the more we are prone to infections should the wound not be healed. The less we move, the more we are prone to fevers should we just stay put. Along those lines is also growth. Nurture only what can grow in our zones. Going nuts over plants I cannot see to maturity is no longer one of my passtime or hobby. I shall only see maturity and more growth with what our climate where I presently live can control.  I am not counting here people who destroy. I am seeing it as nature intended not as perverts see it.



What is Sound Ears – Mushroom Syndrome.

It hears all kinds of bullshit and believes it without seeing it.

Not only that – it permits memory to return just by a sound. A dog hears a footsteps and knows it is around the front door. It suddenly permits it to make a decision – go out or stay on the couch.

A person hears the same sound – it is familiar. Possibly will react the same way. Wait on the couch or go to the door.

Ridges in length and sounds.

A cap is imitating it but in another formation similar in INVERT. What is technology up to?

Distance between the graph of sound. How long are these sounds according to the graph.

Two semi-circle facing each other – it covers the actual ear and all around.

Encapsulating its reason to be there. Pitch sounds to dullest unheard will mean something to our memories and not because we actually lived them, our organisms have.

Sounds from Uterus Sac Embryo to last term after the lungs are completed. Placenta and motion. Is it just the ear drum? Yes, and it is assisted by circulation of the blood something we do not hear unless there is severe hypertension. We can hear the beating in our ear drums.

There is more to collect here. Optic Illusions – returning to sounds – finding the sounds for growth. Finding the sounds for organs being developed together during gestation. Every organ can perform alone but do not work alone for a human being to live unless it is imitated and its location is copied in the neurons and other neurofields.  It can lock in into their own understanding but not necessarily function without other commands.  I found something that spoke about channels of frequencies and I see these possibilities in the semi-wagon-wheel photo.

When slicing the ear drum in half – there is a round shape and a long shape. Buffer Blocker Chambers. Look at the wagon wheel and look at its axis.

Reshaping our hearing sounds as they should come in would be our ultimate goal.  We are not running away from sounds we will only accept them more respectably. Bringing on socialisation to our capacities to absorb and retain instead of feelings of intrusion and inaccordance.  Sometimes, we do feel an irritation. This irritation becomes aggravated – what else goes into this snowballing anxiety? Other organs now become irritable. Then, one day, we just wake up to it all and want so much to get in their compliance without bothering about our inabilities. Can we always comply to all the noises? What if we just had a translator for these sounds we can hear it all but it will translate differently in our being, our organism.

I hear the dishwasher, I do recognize it and I would prefer hearing it as if maybe it was not there inside my ears.

It’s not out yet or Kings and Queens are the only ones to possess a second set of ear drums.

We are to research this and put it into practice – what our eyes see, what our mouths taste, what our ears hear, and, what our noses smell and inhale do have a great impact – longevity is finding methods to calm down our organisms. Not just smell the coffee and those roses that by the way have no more scent. Very rare and in between that roses in Quebec have a scent. I always look for those flowers and they are mostly the same kind.


irongloves octagonbrain  R2d2

ArticulationbyInstinct octagonbrain switch

New Objectives: Instinct Coordination Faculties Important Roles Re-Establishment Loss

  • Artificial Intelligence at play – Amputee to walk and perform as they never done before.
  • People who have an existing member are our primary concern and luxury possession.
  • Co-ordination and assimilation of brain faculties and motion through instinct can be duplicated.
  • Brain Power over Body Motions can return.
  • Finding the pattern of the individual is locking in personalisation of the verbage or language of the individual.
  • When this is done – these methods can improve the performance of amputees by birth.
  • Same goes for eyes such as my favourite guy Colombo who has one eye missing.
  • Of course the fucking idiots at IBM Tech Eng ~ Science have done all this 10 years ago.
  • Should it be permissible given on data at hand – here is a luxury possession who still may get fanthom pains.
  • If these fanthom pains are no longer – they are to be induced. Then work on the brain functions that they bring on. She may have to be on a small amount of pain relief as needed. Her leg has been amputated back on August 23, 1993.
  • If you feel that this cannot be possible – then use someone else with the same kind of problems.



I came across  Derek Paravicini – British Musical Savant …. this guy would love being able to play drums and stringed instruments in the form of piano keys.

It is written on google (unreliable for research) A form of autism. Yet, there is a book about his story but does it contain pertinent information vis-à-vis all the treatments Derek P. underwent.


Is there a way to find out through the notes of Oliver Sacks (so it has been written in the article I emphasised as unreliable) which treatments Derek underwent before birth and after birth in chrono method. 

My obsesrvation:

  • Derek has an ear for pleasant sound (what he perceives as being pleasant)
  • Derek is able to put notes together with improvisation 
  • Derek has a little difficulty with his key manipulation right weaker than left by a notch perhaps.
  • 60 Minutes mentions that his capabilities are sort of limited elsewhere
  • Recommend taking brain scan before piano playing and during piano playing and requests to perform on improvisation
  • Comparison with other autistic and mongolism to various degrees.
  • Reasoning the needs of resetting patterns progressively through technology for IBM Tech Eng Science
  • Attempt to at least understand the jargon of victims attained by Autism Mongolism Down Syndrome 
  • Cloning the patterns of evolution to set other victims into an understandable mode to us and the family
  • Wanted to try with MusicIStore to be Micro-Chipped on a few buttons and other little menial tasks that a 4 year old can accomplish. Educating his mind from 4 yrs up with Musical Mind instructions.



sleep repair/recovery

work on 2 acceleration independent from one another

Homework to be done at your earliest convenience or as soon as you finish jerking off while you work or pretend to work.



Instinct-Intelligence can be found in the Galaxy.

Most of us including creatures onland and sea have a similis of this phenomena (because it is not yet fully understood)


Chemical perceptions by the thin-walled sensilla may be comparable to the human sense of taste or smell.

retina much can be seen with this view because it connects with minerals.

Psychiatry is against minerals and vitamins believing strongly that it will stimulate growth of either aggressive behaviour or chemical reactions. Since they know it all; I demand that they show proof of having reconditioned the mental behaviours of the said neucleis of the disorders. Where would they be these malfunctions or disorders? Where do they stem from? Everything is in the genes. Okay, so be it. Which genes can be modified now, doctors?


Slides of just one angle. Can I just see this in another angle such as a book format – its thickness at at least 4 inches.

Are we looking for the same patterns in other organs? Which ones would they be?

Now, that this pattern has been found what is its principal reason to be?

Can we modify this pattern if it should fail to function?


Imagery of lungs. Left one shows concentrated normal cells while right one shows that the red colouration has taken the lead in a forceful way. We do note the same colours of violets in certain parts of the abnormalcy (contrary to normalcy) Would there be a reason to believe that this abnormalcy can be reversed since there is evidence of normal lung tissue in pockets of the abnormal cells? How can we make this reversal – is it by reducing the inflammation first with local injections and then adding a certain medicated fluid into such as anti-virus and anti-biotics? Which ones would they be these ANTI’s – Please let me know the date that all this has been done and completed – place it in a folder.


Chrismas 1989 Every day say: I’m beautiful

Every day say: I’m going to do or buy something just for myself.