Invisible Screen TV into Invisible Screen iDevices All Possible by Projectors Console by Adriana CEO IBM TES




OLED Glass with self-lighting pixels?

I was in bed when I heard that Panasonic was working on this innovation. It shall prove to be the easiest mode made available on earth. 


In the console – the projector of any programs programmable will be inserted in CHIPS. This console needs to have signalisation modes between the screens of any device which I shall call iDevices mostly known as MADE by Apple (who usually owns the biggest market) The Androids possibly 2nd highest.

What is it that we need?

The console at any location closest to Internet signals. The screens of all iDevices have the accessibilities designed for assortment of Glass.

  • Gyrotating
  • Pivoting
  • Flip
  • Slide – Decor 
  • Plug-in USB Glass Screen

The Magic Secret is all in The content of one Singular Console.

  • Signalisation between Internet Server to Self-Server Satellite * Professional USE * and Residential from $$$$$ to $

The reasoning behind 2-3 yrs to complete and guarantee its function by Panasonic is beyond my comprehension or its lowest level.

IBM and Sony can accomplish these simple methods in about one month.

The price – you may say we'll be broke. On the contrary. The console is about the size of any laptop of superior quality. Precision and Performance.

All compartments – inserts – glide-slide in and out for easy repairs, modification and upgrades.

  • Sound and Graphic Cards
  • Projector
  • MicroChips
  • Streaming WorldWide.
  • All and more programs accessibilities applications than ever!
  • Carry the screen with your incorporated Freedom-Key 
  • LG Curves for Screen and Console



All iDevices including a cell such as Curve LG will be able to stream information into the Invisible Screen of your choices x 6 

Who wants to carry everything from room to room when Invisible Screens can be customised for your decor in every room?

I hear this whispering today – tomorrow I won't. Call my name.!!!!

When I have it my way, Whip in Hand, all this is no longer fantasy, it becomes reality and it is then distributed to all Tech Stores much earlier than Panasonic just to name one.

Although may be that my personnel has been inflicted with Permanent Learning Disabilities – to stay here at IBM means that you have to give it your darnest or leave and join Apple.