Jokes – Photosynthesis – Disable by Adriana CEO

Jokes around donations for Cancers.

If I had cures or/and disruptive methods to introduce on the market; I certainly wouldn't ask for donations.

Is this a joke?

Photoshythesis and Disruption of certain progress of physical and mental disorders.

Starting Points Recognition

Starting Points Radius Factors in Progress

Cancers Nuclei Recognised Similarities

1.Cancers Starting Points Fluids Built Up – Brain Cancers

2.Comprehension of Fluid Cancers and Inverting MassCancer to fluids.

Neurological Disorders Locally Disable FinePoint – Enable from Implant in Spinal Cord. 

Implant Spinal Cord mimicks Disabled FinePoint Area of Importance

Dr. Doidge does a ski slope on me – he slides over all the key factors of a disorder. Our body consists of many nerve attachment while some work alone the rest work as a whole. Every part of the single activity must be observed. Single Activities halt the contuinity of a coordination, disabling a faculty and a function. That immediate response of visual or thought to move your arm is to be understood. To move a leg because of visual staircase. Instict vs Robot – we can be a human robot again and even self-repair at a quality capacity with timing of regeneration and digestions – we all know that – the methods sometimes make me focus Science is always doing a Doidge on us. Those ski slopes from one point to its extremeties. 

The starting point – its surroundings and its reasoning. To Be or Not To Be.

If these starting points have a continuity and rely on another starting point you would call it – chromosomes Y X ? What would you call all these starting points of Genes and their continuity or what these said genes rely on to blossom other parts of a human body?

Photosynthesis is a natural method that could be mimicked by computerisation.

Objectives: What filters in — What filters out?

Attractions – Nuclei Seen Unseen – Electrons Release + Magnify

Would you all say or conclude that electrons are necessary but cetain disorders thrive because of its abundance in one local zone? Have you identified the said zones as for their needs to be called normalcy?


Mimicking chlorophyll in plants – their reasoning. The plant thrives. The chlorophyll itself won't make the plant thrive – what does the chlorophyll touch for it to thrive. Must be 2 key elements factors.

Human and Animal organisms what does it resemble when compared to these said plants – So far, as botanist I would say not all plants have the same stems. Not all plants have these sturdy foliage and flowers. Not all plants live that long unprotected but will thrive when sheltered. Not sure who put this on the net, photosynthesis without too much description as to what this method addressed?

nuclearnucleuselectrons nuclearnucleuselectrons

Chlorophyll Method has been used for a particular experiment and the results were xx while on another particularity the results were quite different – okay, what is the difference between them?

Over 15 yrs ago I asked for Moveable Solar Power Bars to be placed on window – frame – sideways vertical – horizontally and everywhere powerful light and sun hits.

When people are blocked – the world goes on a standstill. I really don't know what you all have developed for me to be a prisoner of everyone's thoughts. People are still asking for donations for cancers and other disorders. Is this true? 

If it were true what are these thoughts doing in my brain even physically hurting me. Don't bother to ask me if I will have mercy.

Look around for how many years have I been this prisoner? Answer now if you were the said prisoners and you had ambitions if you would have mercy the moment most of your ambitions would see the light in a successful and progressive manner. We can only compare notes later.