JoyMouse Together Independent by IBM Tech Eng.

Joystick iphone


 “JoyMouse has built-in Epen – This VYPE Epen is only an example of you may find when you need to use the Epen that will inject its tip for your convenience at the touch of a few buttons or in a rotary motion around the tip of the base where the stick will be Re-Screwed in after use. 

“The rotary ring around it will have different functions – Lift for (X) Turn for (X) and Push-Down for (X)Please take note that the Outside (its casing) of the Stick is not like or even similar to this VYPE Epen.”


IMAGES ABOVE are NOT what IBM Tech Eng will use – it is just an example.


What’s going on at IBM Tech Eng?

Scientifically speaking – the Bullet Sender to the GraphRadar from the Joystick to the screen – Colours will be added in the MC Storage – Only an allotment can be had at the moment. Chambers of MC storage come in 6 fully loaded and 6 allotments for future demands.  Also, there will be a surcharge for every MC storage needed for the laboratory or O.R. you command.

The Bullet Sender will be able to ZOOM, SEND, COMPARE with OTHER Cells.

The iPhone is not only CELLULAR it is a MOUSE that can track down, store and send – it is independent or can work with the JOYSTICK. Includes Memory and Retriever. Also, SEARCH and REPLACE if needed. External Drive is NOT included.

  • Switches included for Joy Stick and MouseCell to work together and independently.
  • Sound Wave / Light Wave for Security Measures
  • MC Storage TurnWheel Built-In and Send-Out
  • JoyMouse Stick can be removed and used as a Epen MC Storage Re-Inserted Screw-In.
  • Guarantee is NO question asked.

More to come – in the works since 2012. Copy of this plan subject to 90% of Gross Revenue penalty directly to IBM Tech Eng. Quebec.

SEE*this page where our new JoyMouse will be included. Joining R3D3 in the near future. Engineering at its finest moment of Intelligent only by IBM Tech Eng.

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