Kids to Senior Citizens Boredom + Audiobooks by Lisa




What’s new at IBM?

Programs Publishers, Producers and Film Directors never entered – Where no man has been before.

Tentative Plots Pilots

Spock Connect Mystery

Hitchcock Mysteries

Extras with Pay for Episodes

Audiobooks Needed

iDevices Portables

From Home Participation

How it will work. Everyday, connect to a platform of your choice. Twitter and Facebook. So far, they are the only 2 social media requested. You need to be a user – username and possibly well connected to at least 2 people with the coming software. Some will call it application but it’s not. As soon as the episodes are over they will instantly disconnect from your computerised data software. It is similar to a temporary file. It shall disactivate and get deleted when cleaning your hardware from all those debris. Capish, Got my drift so far?

We would prefer to inform everyone that the writing can be only submitted by new writers and they will make the money in % of our sales. Whatever % is divided by X number of writers and cost deducted from it all.

If I make $10.00 and it cost me $6.00 for the episode and I have 2 writers I get $2.00 and they both get $1.00 – part of this (these) episodes are for advertisments. Real life ads. With products. Carry a briefcase or some luggage since you will be caught stealing a laptop, new from IBM. (You get to keep it of course)

Bermuda Map is just a picture. We are on the map in every episode.

Because you were quick to pick up the clues – home and streets – you promptly reply. Should you be in the vicinty of the episode – quickly get luggage and start walking – you could be the owner of some stolen merchandise or you will get a coupon to pick up your merchandise. Usually, it’s not far. If you see cop cars do panic and run.  If you see firetruck do take a picture. Fun time by getting the crowd involved. Everyone gets paid.

This is just the beginning. We have travel writers? We have restaurants menu amateurs? Crime happens everywhere. Only writers know that. You could be picking up your favourite magazine and get arrested for it. Don’t forget to make it real and tell those pigs to go to hell. You paid for that magazine. Capish, got my drift.

Well, while this is going on… Audiobook is out. Audiobook that will take all the replies from what they hear. It shall be edited after for sales and it shall be edited for book only format and it shall be minced out by Movie Directors – we got here a few sales.

What happens – all participant of these episodes will have to wait like everyone else when the sales are printed twice per year… in our future Website.

Requirements are: luggage. iDevices. 2 Social Platforms Software Temporary Files. Writer or aspiring writer. Can react on impulse and understand that when Twitter or Facebook is calling for action to be there or wait for the next time. There will be something going on in every town published for the month. If it meets your locations or you can get there – Twitter and Facebook will tell you where to be and what to reply.

More is coming for children. From school grounds and in classrooms.

More is coming for shoppers and people who don’t mind shopping just to browse.

Action Movies on Audiobook Require Involvements. Get paid Twice. Soon and later.

IBM is using this kind of method to bring up sales. At times, the CEO will bring up sales for BlackBerry. Not just IBM and then there are sales for Air Canada and Sunwing and Restaurants.

It’s full of activity. Netflix? It may be a little bit on hold for a while. The man just didn’t want to talk to me.

He’ll get what he deserves and so will I.