Life is Expensive without Radio-Activity by Adriana CEO Science

We all heard of Monsanto and others who didn’t make the waves as much as Monsanto. We had to witness news of wars on TV and all the chemicals used to kill people.

What these chemists ignored was this fact:

No only people die. Vegetation will die. Animals/stock will die.

I have a mandate for IBM Science and it is to go to all the countries affected by USA urgent needs to establish peace and tranquillity.

It is needless to say after analysis of:

all soil

livestock feedings

all illnesses statistics

all vaccinations

all visible insects (look for size and colours)

To obtain quicker results. We need volunteer prisoners who are going to have a longer life because of the seriousness of this mandate. We are to purposely radio-active chemically induce some cattle/stock and feed it to these prisoners as well as all vegetation found infected with problems.

This should take over 3 years before we know if these prisoners are carriers of whatever or the condition itself (AIDS vs HIV)

I feel that the rise of AIDS just didn’t happen by sex without any other combinations. Most believe its the dirty needle as well. I believe all of the above plus the chemicals.

Looking for liquid happiness in the veins of these idiots is not the only solution without thinking that there are oversights here. IBM Science may have overlooked the past haunting you. People do not want me to talk to you. They say that I shouldn’t tell you anything. I shouldn’t do anything. Some in a network tell me that they’d rather see me die. Can you imagine what you will go through after they do it successfully?

Take Revelation: People will die of many illnesses. There is reason to believe that the more you rely on resources without replenishment – the less you shall have at one point.

Since 1994 to 1997 What has Science accomplished without anyone saying anything. All by themselves?

From 1997 to 2006 What has Science accomplished without anyone saying anything? All by themselves.

From 2006 to 2016 – What has Science accomplished without anyone saying anything? All by themselves.

We have Stephen King who writes and makes money. You have JJ Abrams who makes money. “You’ll get where you want to be.” Thank you so very much.

That was so many years ago. I don’t want just a few dollars. Many will try to make me happy and how will they do that? My children are a source of happiness but I really am not in agreesome with their decisions. I do not have anything to buy for them to be around someone with a little more class – not that they will be a better person then what they’re loving now but at least a little more class.

If you feel that this is not you, then disregard it.

Thanks for being those fucking idiots with all the learning disabilities.

Chrismas 1989