Light and Light Shade the Sun the Moon the Eclipse by CEO of IBM-TES


*Basic knowledge is the richest mental acquisition of it all ask a real scientist; all of a sudden a simple addition becomes excruciating. Texas Instruments knew that and made money! CEO of IBM-TES knows all this and will make more money than Texas Instruments.*

The higher concentration of auxin on the shady side causes the plant cells on that side to grow more so it bends toward the light. Because light is the energy source for plant growth, plants have evolved highly sensitive mechanisms for perceiving light while light in itself is a re-enforcer. 

Daytime is easier to see that there is light. A light that does not glow. We call it a frosted light bulb. That white film over that lightbulb not to get the direct glare of its bougie. 

3 basic dimensions known are:

  1. Movement
  2. Brightness
  3. Patterns

Basic dimensional known as light traveler while its reason to be is still basic. Does light have nuclei in itself acting as chameleons in particles? 

How about Light in the Darkness, is that another dimension of the basic dimension called brightness?

Since men remember it is Dawn or Sunset the light from the sun is no longer there so what brought on Dawn and Sunset – an unknown dimmer electricity in the air grows before the sun arrives and right before it leaves or sets? More than the eye meets is right there. What element permits this re-enforcement in brightness, the moon leaving its natural emission to yield gradually to the sun arrival and departure in contrast. Both are present when it is night time, we can observe the moon's phases while it is sunny somewhere else. Then an eclipse arrives just in time for? Crisscrossing an element. 

  1. Movement
  2. Brightness
  3. Patterns
  4. Weak to Bright Light
  5. Bright to Weak to Contrast Light
  6. Presence of Moon and Sun around the planet Earth in Eclipse Mode

What is the Pattern and, how many patterns does light permit or is permitted and what thrives from its patterns?

The Patterns are the Movements, so I believe today. I look at my plants. Light travels and I am sure of it. Indoor plants have a different behaviour which is deprived of a complete roundness of continuous circulation of the light.  

Vitamin D and certain Minerals will give plants and living creatures like humans and cattle and animals even certain insects an overall complete circulation of that power to crawl in our streams. Our internal organs inner-body concept still get all the benefits of the light thanks to what it permits Vitamin D and certain Minerals to solidify while streaming other nutrients and vitamins around while some just replenish naturally food can supplement. Our liver supplies a minimal amount of A and sufficient amount of metal iron. Both are needed not just one but both. What is A without Iron? Which minerals and vitamins are the most essential for light itself to be of enormous benefit? 

I check plants, before I lived here of course, I was happy to have seen certain species thrive more than others in our little solarium room. Plants got to get more than 200° sensor field – making the plants grow all around without even thinking of the auxin. Apparently, this plant hormone keeps in the shade as if it has the power to drain to hide while the rest of the plant bends to the light. 

The cells on the plant that are farthest from the light have a chemical called auxin that reacts when phototropism occurs. This causes the plant to have elongated cells on the farthest side from the light. … The combination of phototropism and gravitropism allow plants to grow in the correct direction. What it doesn't say if these phenomena are for interior plants or exterior plants. I get it only from most plants then I look at trees and I identify one tree with a tilted trunk because it grew near a fence. It must be the species that can also take command of its longevity. One Maple tree will shed before another one. Understand the seve is also another form of comprehension. Our body liquids including blood white/red and in between particles can only contribute to circulation of light with Vitamin D, etc…

My observation was that seedlings growing never had that chance by the window itself since sturdiness is what I seek. Solid, sturdy stems. Short Medium Tall can all thrive in an already grown plant placed by the window that would give it at least a minimal 200° sensor field.  Living at this house made me realise that light itself was in big deprivation not wanting me to cover with shades. I like plants. Some will thrive in South Window most North and a few in between both. Cactus so far will thrive more North at shorter angles while exterior plants do not bend towards the light at all. 

As far as I am concerned when plants are placed in locations where light is at least over 240° angle (field of sensors) it will not bend. 

What is Light ?

A particle that may be so microscopical insignificant to turn itself into an invisible element .

0  0      0    0 0

As per Wikipedia:

By volume, dry air contains 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen,[1] 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. Air also contains a variable amount of water vapor, on average around 1% at sea level, and 0.4% over the entire atmosphere. Air content and atmospheric pressure vary at different layers, and air suitable for use in photosynthesis by terrestrial plants and breathing of terrestrial animals is found only in Earth's troposphere as in lowest weakest points of stratosphere and in artificial atmospheres.

If we had to take any of these ingredients in our atmosphere, which one permits the particles. grow into invisible circles or waves or patterns in movement and does the movement itself take a velocity? It remains still with or without wind, without sun, therefore what it is must be in the higher points of the stratosphere of our atmosphere. 

I am looking at the horizon where the sun rises and where the sun sets while the moon really does not change a position seen by the horizon. I heard the weirdest comment on can we survive without the moon? My answer is NO. The sun rays are not enough except for certain territories while these territories have reported a total eclipse in darkness for the longest time of the year and the longest time in the light making it a duration for us to absorb in a serious analysis. Has God permitted an entry level in this comprehension of our longevity by permitting certain zones to be shared differently in most aspects for our living conditions?

What is luminosity? Nothing. Alone luminosity is nothing. That's nice. My plants are in the light and light shade. No watering. Hardly any soil. It shall regenerate and even produce seeds and fruit while all the blossoms fall all around. Going behind the shadow?

Invisible Screens may one day be of benefit when that comprehension of altitude beginnings (watch the top of plants all nice and rounded up and sturdy even its blossoms and seeds) Where can luminosity in itself be of benefit. It depends on the distance of its starting point to the human being and animal living inside the house. We cannot just say, light it up and we're only going to brighten up by this method. Food, Liquids and Supplements will be the extra ingredients. 

We are now comparing the Northern Territories to the rest of the world during lowest to highest concentrations at their levels of concentration at every altitude where it may start or reduce in concentration. 

Following these results, in the meantime, there are other possibilities in this quest for comprehension found in vegetation. Angles, sturdiness, fruit, the combined ingredients in a plant and their life expectancy including in fruit and in seeds. Many strong seeds to lesser seeds and even weaker. 

How Energy circulates for our longevity including gadgets devices for our enjoyment will definitely see another dimension when Light itself is fully understood.

Question: Can we find a good measure of cure in the phenomena of light itself. Answer: Definitely, yes. Alone nothing much may happen combined something will definitely happen and present itself maybe like a V8 Attack. I should have seen it before I picked something else. It was there all along. Let's not be too hard on ourselves, we'll let all these broadcasters bash Science. Like 800$Million for Natives of Canada. They lacked education and deprived of it. All I asked was show me these educators that were there but were not permitted to teach anything to their nation ~ was it the whiteman who done that? Who said that? The Native woman. What I understood right away was the natural instinct which is included to migrate. She left something some space some location some form of education known to her even if today she needs to learn several dialects to be with the whiteys. We, par la nature d'être, always want to give in to that curiosity. Who are we, how does it feel to be where I originated from to find out that it was a form of nostalgia and nothing else. Or, it is so good to be there crying tears of joy. That experience is great but do you want to adopt it? Seeing people in my dreams today is fine but distance and years made me lose that nostalgia or that feeling of returning to wherever like a migrate would. Disoriented? It's not easy to follow? Let's say that even if it were easy, I am not sure I would be any happier returning to the future with some individuals.