Locating Forces of Balance by Adriana CEO of IBM-TES

We all know that the Universe lives on a perfect balance with the collaboration of many elements including the planets all around.

What is seen out of our planet may also replicated right here on earth. Waves, Electricity, Electrons (electronics) and Wi-Fi Satellites Signals.

My design here with the S (shortwaves) and the letter L for the big container of Longwaves in co-habitation while living space apart.

Ranges to find in this cable home barrel  to multi shortwaves cables. Rods for cables like taking those lightbulbs with fusion induction.

Shortwaves and Longwaves in gyrotational sensors emissions are colours for measures. And how about doubling the efforts by recording from one satellite sensor into other sensors into our sensors on earth in compass analagy. Degrees and Time – In analogy with electromagnetism, particles will have the tendency to orientate along the equipotentials of gyrotation (and this time give out more precision as to ranges it commands in strengths and in weakening into nil).

How can this theory benefit humanity – understanding the environment as well as our own organisms. Time Space Ranges Measures for the perfect formulas – time release organisms get the calling because of other organisms in function and in active mode. Unless, otherwise suggested, there is no more room for anything to grow since our anti-bodies give out the signal that it is overgrowing its functions without growth by instinct hardly do we regenerate. Skin needs to be understood. It is the first place and so are minerals for bone structures. Time to full development regardless of genetics same amount. Some are shorter and massive while some are shorter and weaklings and the rest are taller larger less larger and so on and so far.

Genes, DNA and time capsule to make it all happen again. Can the brain find the same patterns and to give out the lengths in measures it controlled at one time. Or does it need to be found and give it a few more hours making it believe that it has already started its development. Obscurity is can an organ grow back in the place of what is? What happens: It can be in an incubator even with the person in it, till it is fully grown and the faulty organ removed.

Something is making us live a better or worse life out there. It shall be found – the moment we do, we either stop feeding it or continue as status quo.


Moon Phases vs Lifeform on Earth published May 23, 2017 

Diagram of Cells Patterns Phases

Cells have a pattern.

Cells regenerate

Cells are digested

Cells renew or vibrate

Cells Implant

Seen Visible vs Invisible Not Seen

Why I don’t write much at times!

I don’t write much because I am egocentric. I believe that I can figure out something with very little description when interested. Therefore I am looking for the interested mind in this post.

The rotation in the Universe is similar to our lifeform. Are we objects then? No, we are beings of a lifeform. Yet, I believe that we mirror certain aspects of the Universe. Comprehension of this phenomena is not easy but will be easy the moment you can exercise the ORDER SHEET requested from theory into pratice. Experience and speed will definitely come later.

Our body lives on rotation circulation recirculation. In order to complete a circulation it needs another dimension. Oxygen would thus be the other dimension. How many dimensions do we actually have. So far 3 visible dimensions. We developped in water. We then breathe oxygen. 

Objectives are to comprehend our evolution, our circulation, our rotationals, our movements. Does gravity play a role in our lifeform? Possibly and unwanted – there is a remedy. We have another dimension. We must develop this dimension from outer forms and outer organisms called implants. 

I was looking at the Moon Phases – all of them. When the Moon is full it then depletes giving out its shades – then it is empty. 

When a cell is rounded up it starts to deplete then it is empty through digestive enzymes – to start replenishing one more time sometimes all around and not the actual digested one, in question.

When this rotation recirculation is seen as normal we are possibly in our late 20’s. It has a good pace. Something else happens, it digests a little faster than it regenerates. 

Red or White with irrationalities = abnormalities

Psychotic vs Depression = abnormalities

Normal = when both parties work together and react when one or the other is being attacked or incapable.

Now, we are seeing the morning of May 23, 2017

People have evolved

Yes, in appearance.

Well, then, people have evolved, you do agree with me?

Yes, they have evolved in appearance and facing whatever life is dishing out. There is a sucker or an idiot born every minute, we’re overpopulated nowadays.

Therefore, 2000 yrs ago, there was a sucker or an idiot born every day or other day since we were not overpopulated.

Every sucker or idiot will have his time on earth to show us how stupid or how much of an idiot he truly is – no matter the date. 

If are less populated what then, selon vous?

Less populated could mean a long duration of time between innovation, inventions or wars.

I don’t believe that someone called a sucker or an idiot wouldn’t cause a war.

I believe that if you don’t see that only idiot when underpopulated back then we wouldn’t be having this discussion.  Wars have a way of creating distance between men and inventions. Then its lost.

I asked for the last 20 years – what is it that you want. I got more than a crowd of deaf-mutes. When the time comes, I have a way of curing this shit.

A good swift kick between the legs (construction boots and all) that deaf-mute will hear the sound of his cry of pain.


Diffusion occurs because of Brownian motion, which is the constant, random movements of particles in fluids. Each atom or molecule in a fluid, whether solute or solvent, is constantly moving in a straight line, at a rate determined by temperature, according to the HyperPhysics project at Georgia State University. When the particle encounters another particle or a solid surface, it bounces off in a different direction. If it is another particle in the fluid, the paths of both particles are altered.

Can anyone find the similarities?

Are we looking at other forms of implants?

Molecules Implants are here finally?

Whatever for?

What breaks down our molecules?

What permits a good movement in their energy?

Has anyone ever tried more than once?

Genes Beyond

Fetal Competition

Genes Battle Built-In Capabilities

Abnormalities Recognised

Normalcy Recognised

Vessels and Cells

Lifeform Cells in a Variety with Common Factor – oxygen

Oxygen Permits Circulation

Organism Permit Circulation

Organs Permit Continuity

Revisiting under Life Cell Phases


In the meantime, all studies are considered and written beneath the headline.

I am interested to further my education

I am interested therefore will be openedminded

I may not seriously understand all that I shall uncover

I shall share my valuable new acquired data with people I know

Educated Guesses are better than Uneducated Guesses