Logs History Comprehension/Application Today Biology Pesticide Environmental Needs by IBM Tech Eng.

ANALOG relating to or using signals or information represented by a continuously variable physical quantity such as spatial position, voltage, etc.
“analog signals” and also a person or thing seen as comparable to another.
ANALOG SYNONYM: parallel, line of latitude, parallel of latitude, latitude. analogue,analog, linear(adj) of a circuit or device having an output that is proportional to the input.
Going back in time – population boom with birth of motorisation utilising gas oils and other chemicals as they presented themselves on the market. Insects and weeds became a problem and these problems were tackled by science or people who wanted to use transport for leisure, personal and commercial venues.
Every industry started to use these chemicals when they bought into the new commodities also called the modern days or era. It started around the late sixties to see all those colourful parts, electrical appliances instead of gaz and of course, new cars, new furniture made of plastics which is stemming from oils. Turned into pellets and turned into manufacturing.
It was the tests of times. We passed them.
It can be said that today, 2019 can only bring on more awareness and more solutions for what has ailed our soils, waters and air for the last 100 years.
Taking history into a journal is possibly a good solution.
  1. Name all the modern applications for any industry in motorisation using what it used at the turn of the century – 1900.
  2. Name all the products developed in order to facilitate production as pesticides and as herbicides
  3. Name all the companies in transports, ground, water and air.
  4. Name the methods of recycling products and name the products (one of them is plane parts)
  5. Name the methods of city dumps hygiene
  6. Name the methods of hospital trash of human parts and of products (incinerator)
So far, this list can be long in every outlines. From production into transport into quality it became another problem of many other problems. Human health along with planet sanitation.
The questions are not that numerous. Are we walking through the times of today with:
An acquired NORTH AMERICAN trait full of bad habits when wearing those rosy Blinders which are 
a pair of small screens attached to a horse’s bridle to prevent it seeing sideways and behind; blinkers.
For our government – many circumstances that prevent someone from gaining a full understanding of a situation.
“they will wear their cultural blinders to the grave” that is not where most of us want to be.
YouTube.com – https://youtu.be/hmFnzc3oZ04 – it doesn’t really mean that all answers are found on this station called YouTube.com – it does have many stations.
Many stations that give out answers. While on the other hand, I want IBM-TES to start thinking outside engineering certain or all modules. Not forgetting HOW it became mountains of tasks with urgent need to demote its growth of stumping with clearings and stumping any other activity which will soon be on a list of the aftermath of modernization. North America is modern but so was Egypt circa 3000 years ago. Historian believed that Egypt was one of the nations that became what they became with facts found in Egypt. It is time for North America to take control of today with yesterdays facts. It is not the time to bully people who are not too keen or not interested. And, besides, what are science people doing now mingling with society not even doctors do that. Not in Québec. I am not sure if it is all about turning their nose up to society or they are so tired of seeing people. Malpractice or not – they needed tools, equipment, instruments and medicine at one and still do.
What is IBM-TES going to present them, these people in our modern society? The facts from the past without a presentation on how it became a better world to be in to live in – in just a generation? 
When that happens, a new journal will begin and our daily activities are called when registered and recorded – LOGS. When we log in – we record. When we log out – the day is finished and the file is left there on suspense, on hold or ready to share.
The moral of the story – what is the purpose of mosquitoes – if we could modify its need to be and turn it in an useful reason – what could it be?

I was cutting the grass and tending to the garden. I got a mosquito bite. Too bad, I didn’t have a camera to show everyone the colour of this mosquito. I wasn’t sure if it was a yellow flea turned into a mosquito. It was a clear transparent insect at all. It was of a solid yellow. The sting was the same as others species and it gave me two bumps.

What changed at my house? I used lots of bio-weed-feed granules on my grass. That’s all I can think of. Then again, I have new plants.

Since I didn’t get enough bites to really tell the difference it may be just a hoax like other mosquitoes that don’t exist people say. Therefore, we’ll leave it that.

With all the GMO I was wondering what we’re heading for. Are we avant-gardiste enough to see the future of this reasoning. It says that GMO is for food preservation against pesticides and insects. All is true. Ravages of nature by insects has existed since men decided to make a profit out of their farms including vineyards. Vineyards have had all kinds of garbage insects at the base of their plants. From fungis, slugs, crickets and snails… just to name the most common ones. I heard that some French people arrived in California just to take the snails from the vines to cook them. How true is that?

I sent a note of a program to be put in place just for this.

Before and After the consumption of GMO for all blood groups and DNA

Then, we have the other one I spoke about years ago… what if the mosquito could eat foliage or suck on foliage that could modify the reason of its sting – what would you be thinking of ? Its not a priority. Its something to think about on those days that you really have nothing to do and mosquitoes either attack you or someone you know. I know for sure that my former husband was quite free of those contacts and I was the victim.

Bio-Eco – how good is it?

Get all those manufacturers of these products and get their test results and lab analysis to reveal all that was used to make all these products. We all know that it doesn’t really work without elbow grease. So far, I took a while to get it done by taking the weeds and those aweful wild plants that crawl all around out – I used chlore first or second – I really don’t remember then I used Vinegar.

Backyard. I need to buy Vinegar and I have chlore. I will use the Edge Trimmer and then Vinegar or Chlore first. Both will evaporate. In a few weeks I can put the seeds and earth and maybe in two years I’ll see a difference all over.

I was thinking of selling this system to every City and making it mandatory – till then, we need to first evaluate the secondary possible and potential hazards that we may encounter. Yellow mosquitoes? Is that it, would it be the only ones?

Mosquito – Incubation – attracting Plants – Areas – Spreading beneficial if this could be made in a concentrated form but then again HOW big is the mosquito – would it be really beneficial ? Not sure, perhaps we in our modern civilisation we may not see the need but in some areas like in – the Amazon (ia) it could be great.

Home test with mint. Spray with Citronella and alone at the base of the plants.