Losing Your Mind – SpockConnect AK.1 Cam-Recorder Computer by CEO IBM-TES

Finally a fun way to recover your identity. Are you really losing your mind?

NO. You are re-connecting with your mind.

The Mind is fragile and is very strong. Both are good at times.

Voice out all your applications while walking while resting while watching TV while listening to the Radio. 

Mr. Spock is there with Computer. That is the name of his computer. Plain, Computer. It's your voice and only your voice and the ones around you.

  • Easy to operate 
  • Retrieves any "speech monologue or discussions with keywords"
  • Voice Command and Manual for Adjustments by you or a professional Neurologist 
  • All recordings are captured *saved* in USB Keys
  • All savings are TimeStamped as per your voice command
  • Losing your Mind? Not anymore. You are connected to it.

Mr. Spock and myself are very grateful to be with such awesome personnel. Of course this gadget with the following features has been done before but never marketed under $300. 2 USB keys included.


3 port holes



Voice-Sound Recorder 

Voice-Sound Command Record

Computer – keyword.

Can you remember that you will have to say Computer first. Repeat. 

Computer will retrieve the words Keywords and give out your little paragraph of whatever the recorded keywords command.


Who can use this? Anyone who wants to broaden their vocabulary with neurological disorders – Down Syndrome Autism etc


Phase 1 Dementia Alzheimer or Just too plain busy mind

Phase 2 – when ears are blocked speech slurs. We all go through it but phase 2 happens more often, therefore you got to talk to everything you look at or manipulate and where you put it or where you took it from.

Phase 3 – of course, get your blueberry smoothie and talk.

Because its experimental and it will take time to see results – the price cannot command what a good thorough treatment would – consider this as an downpayment towards a treatment.

Thanks guyz. I'm being so polite feeling your gratitude. You're blushing aren't you feeling fuzzy warm all over, yes?

N.B. When you meet a reliable source of inspiration there is no way you'll forget unless you never handled the original SpockConnect AK.1

Fragile Yet So Strong

Both know how to operate COMPUTER.

Steve Jobs failed. Bill Gates failed.

IBM-TES succeeds.