Loss of I.D. Passports-Credit-Debit Cards NO Longer Worries by IBM Tech Eng Adriana CEO

AirportMonitors China Airport ????????????

Objectives: Increase Security Measures WorldWide

As a consumer at the Airports; I was not impressed with their security measures and listening to the news; I was then in an obligation to find ways and methods to increase worldwide security.

What does the security Passport-Credit-Debit I.D. cards or booklets contain?


Pay your bus fare with easy download of choice of payment that:

  • Bus Fare takes
  • Airlines take
  • Train take
  • Bicycle / Motorcycle take
  • Car Rentals take
  • Parking Fees anywhere take



Financial Institution carry on: Social Security Numbers Photo and Personal Data.


  • Scanner for MicroChips in Hands/Arms/Legs Protheses
  • In every way – all transport will have the Pesonal DATA of the individual.
  • Present Your Passport Credit Card or any ID with Social Security + Photo
  • Any reservations/purchases of transport will be automatically added to all your I.D.’s
  • FingerPrints I.D. with or without MicroChips an added feature at any terminal requiring transports and customs as well. Photo of individual will automatically be seen.

All the information in a code in three places (2 invisible) + (visible)

Q. Can it be duplicated?

A. Of course (See how some help can be made to enable doors of discovery)

Objective of all possibilities is to find ways to HOW images can change with another system that the CROOK may use and which one could accommodate this method – Selfies? Similations? Transposing Images as in photoshoot? Can it be traced.

LOOKING for your biological parents will be simplified – What can I say. I was previously engaged in everyone’s wars without being informed that I was the CentralReason of their ToBe or NotToBe.

Well IBM Techs Eng will be having fun with soon. Don’t worry about your Privacy that is not MY goal. I just want to assure that theses systems are guaranteed to the MAX.  So if anyones’ photo appears and it goes through we’ll find a way to make some bell ring somewhere at IBM – or the President pays all damages incurred. 


  1. CEO working on USB with Extensions FreedomKey for Cells Phones, iPads, iPods, Laptops while onboard a jetliner.
  2. Passengers will have their own port security for their electronics without interference from other electronics from other passengers and pilots will also be secured knowing that there will be no conflicts coming from the passengers accessories.
  3. Your data will return to your users pronto and all will remain in the privacy of your domain – per use or wherever you will travel (roaming fees are the same as per your user of your choice)
  4. Routing from Passengers Port to a security vault of Air Canada (just to name one jetliner) will remain private and confidential. It is at the discretion of the passengers to either use this method or nothing at all.


There are some individuals all over the world who need to get into your data by using spying methods. There is one thing that IBM does NOT want to get involved with and that is the system of paying online with credit cards, debit cards. The only system WE at IBMAccessFreedomKey gives the consumer is Pre-Paid Credit-Debit. There is no trace of owner. Unfortunately, we ask that consumers get these cards per slices of a small denomination instead of a large amount.

WorldWide Security can be done simply.

Freedom Keys will not be functional on these secured systems in Banks, Financial Institutes such as Quebec’s Caisses Populaires, Grocery Stores and any merchant accepting Debit and Credit cards from any parts of the world. The owners of all transactions (both sides receiving and giving) will be registered. After identifying the owners several times, only then, can the rightful owner be identified as a sure thing. This means that the banks and the governments’ security systems get a copy of all users (both ways).

This will reduce frauds and so on and so forth.

Thanks for reading this message you fucking idiots. I want $$$ before someone makes all the dough. Sell Sell Sell. WorldWide and what is the President of IBM doing lately? Nothing or something. If not, fire him and get another billionaire and get this company off the ground. OR he gets NO salary.

Chrismas 1989

Adriana CEO of IBM is requesting for Census – from 1997 to 2001 and 2002 to 2015.

  • And what is he doing other than studying Commercial Law?
  • Well he’s into Drones Search for Disoriented People.
  • If you don’t get his approval that system is NO go.

PrinceAndrew Andrew is nowhere to be seen.


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