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Objective: Finding out the properties that tranquilise and calm the tremors with Cannabis in liquid form

  • Variation of the forms to be obtained
  • Concentration and their values
  • Combination with Chemotherapy for local application with other medicinal ingredients.

IBM specialises in Modern Advanced Techniques today instead of in a generation from now. Are all the fucking idiots back at work from a long deprivation of R&R? Great stuff. I still have to take my vacation while you take a few hours of your busy time reading on some covered material around Cannabis and their effects including side-effects.

Do same as this:

Researchers induced tumours on mice using human breast cancer cell samples. Experiments conducted on mice show that cannabinoids may stop tumor growth. This happens through blocking of cell growth and development of blood vessels needed by tumours to grow.

Do not induce – use on humans victims of these cancers and others.

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What will our future be like?


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The way I have seen it thanks to Spock and Dr. McCoy and Star Wars where I particularly like the units  is that R2-D2 will possibly our next best thing or approach to Modern Science Today.

R2-D2 does have arms able to receive commands even disposable tubes stemming from bracelet injecting or withdrawing blood. This bracelet or another bracelet can also be connected to monitor blood pressure.

R2-D2 converts Octagon Glass Scanner shape on head and reveals through imagery (wireless) on screen the photo above.

The scanners on the right of the brain will reveal other parts of the body. Zoom is possible. These scanners are placed above the patient and will be held by cable legs just like over the bed tables. All images are sent to screens.

All blood and urine tests are analysed on the spot and then sent to the screen.  Most doctors will be able to understand quickly what the next procedure would be.

  • Blood will be injected directly onto microscopic glass. Less oxygen.
  • Urine will be injected directly onto microscopic glass.
  • Risk of contamination minimized for doctors.
  • All tubes are disposable.
  • All glass plates are disposable.

Fingerprints do they reveal your character as well as your construction – wavelengths that go places and even fade away as a body ages. Does it equate to brain patterns and loss of memory – Physical Memory, it’s provenance resulting in language memory. A duplicate. What do patterns reveal. It is not necessary at this point to have more than 5 versions of patterns to assess and imitate patterns in order to design a wavelength that may re-enact its reason to be. Scanners on the right (tubular rectangular) to be placed on fingers as as a platform for the whole area of the hand. Giving a 5D observation. Do fingerprints mean what a character is all about? Most definitely. Will it be a form of ID – it has become one since we are all unique with some resemblance or lots of resemblance not even from the same family. Our brain and genetic orders are like our fingerprints, genes and much more do resemble but they do not constitute as being a form of family trait and inheritance.

The pros: Quick decisions. No waiting or not much waiting. A team of 3 can work on the same patient if needed. Quicker access to data thanks to R2-D2.  This concept can be used in countries where contamination is feared. No need to send many to do this work, only R2-D2 and its accessories. All images are then sent straight to the observatory center.

The cons: Less personnel. If you want a large staff, then this unit is not for you.

This may be only rumours but IBM Tech Today is working on this principle. The objective is an idealist place to work and to observe humans and environments in its pure and fresh aspects. Beginning to understand the motives behind the behaviour would be considered today a luxury since many doctors are ready to release their patients without learning why they saw them in the first place.

What can specialists and doctors do to enhance quality of life?

Through all these scans and analysis as a team. Pharmaceutical know quickly what needs to be modified in their drugs. Also, technology knows quickly what needs to be updated, upgraded or even added to their existent Modules.

If a team of doctors work together for one objective, it is not a joint effort, it is more a way of life.

On this note: Rumours have it that IBM Tech will also develop scanners uniquely for Genes and Chromosomes. How to recognize them and how to possibly duplicate their behaviour. To duplicate their behaviour would be to understand their reason to be in order to implant this reason to be where it could either be infringed or missing.

I shall raise a glass to success IBM Tech.

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