Memory-Battery-USB-FreedomKey by Adriana CEO IBM-TES


Paperwhite at Amazon goes for around $123. on this Day, November 17, 2019.

IBM-PAD Collector in eReader – $180.

Our revenue consists of $ from participating social media platforms which includes a limited bandwidth in Radio and Television unless getting on subscribe $ options of YouTube.

TBA (followup)


Food for Thoughts: Since IBM-TES cannot find an immediate solution – Here is a peak at what your future Cell Casing will look like. Approximately.

oldcamera TapeRecorder



SonyRecorderVoice lgcellcurve

Scope cdrom

Comes in two Styles:

All Inclusive: (approximate resemblance)

All-Inclusive 360° Video EyesScope TBA Looks like

Hollow Circle Glass that will make the IBM-AllIncl look like he has a Halo over his head. (Its not Gold it Glass/Plastic)

VoiceRec     LightersSonicView

External Knobs Buttons – more likely to turn lock and unlock while some will be the regular push-buttons.

All included in Facts Sheets.

Left Image – all inclusive.

No insertables add-ons on our agenda.

– InsertablesCasing

– Add-Ons Insertables TBA

2 Trends with demands to supply are time-framed – This futuristic Model is to stay. You like?

Software for Professionals Only include the most wanted and used attributes of various applications of well known programs/software such as PowerPoint, Word, PhotoShoot and the list goes on.

Our Software is called IBM-Editor

Every square will carry your old casing. Every connection from cell to cell will copy send to new one. When you decide which one you want as a forever trendy casing take it and use it. This model is will accommodate recharging and all those things people have to do in order to download upload and charge – the history of it – all servers have it. TBA

All inclusive and Insertables consist of:

  1. Retrieve-Send memory of photos
  2. Retrieve-Send memory voice recording
  3. Retrieve-Send memory video recording
  4. Retrieve-Send DownLoad-Upload memory of documents
  5. Search Voice Retrieve memory of all forms of communications text or/and conversation – photos and videos.
  6. CD-ROM Capabilities of creating folders as per discretion
  7. Easy find search window with keywords
  8. This option is per USB Memory Rechargeables $TBA
  9. Any iDevice with or without server – use where Wi-Fi is available

Deluxe CellPhone – Software Download Fee Not Included.

  1. Answer your home number not connected to Cellular with switch**
  2. Answer any phone calls forwarding contacts**
  3. Retrieve all contacts for conference**
  4. Retrieve any skype calls with or without imagery**
  5. Retrieve all your information without iCloud**
  6. Retrieve all your information with iCloud**

Justice Department MasterKey can use from the server in other words has the International Device and finds your information without corrupting your files.

All communication used by Justice Department is fully copied to be forward by default to 3 other parties to avoid confusion and misunderstandments.

MasterKeys Serial Numbers in Security Coffers for CIA FBI and Police Departments. Every MasterKey is identified to the serial numbers of the Coffer. Many coffers can be made available to answer to various departments and reasonings.

Our IBM models are not like this one pasted here as for an example.

It is insertable into insertables for various needs.

It contains, Memory, External Battery, Same principle as iCloud

Ex: I am using my iPhone and insert a IBM-Pad USB FreedomKey for downloads, external memory and external battery with no interruption I can rely on the external original FreedomKey connected to USB

This one is not your basic FreedomKey, price is TBA

FreedomKey permits certain accessibility and allowances for your customisation and IBM is not truly responsible but will accommodate you with a replacement should you need another one because of manufacturer defects.

Each USB-Rechargeable External Battery Memory Retrieve Forward are insertables USB key into USB key. You program. Sold separately for each purpose – downloads photos, downloads documents downloads communication verbal/text – Each commands a price according to the size of memory. Because it is powered by 2 batteries, internal and external – reliability is insured.

How to program your folders and files are in the package of the said product – Think Lego with IBM-InsertablesWithin USB FreedomKeys.

Original FreedomKey will remain at $29.

We know you’ll want to add more features and we grow as you grow with IBM-TES.

Prices and Models TBA



Hey guyz, look at this. See the warped shape of your fucking brains. Must be scrambled. Try to unscramble it and see your fucking pea-brain start to take shape and form of someone who uses it once and a while just for appearance sake.

Use the knobs and watch the reaction in your fucking pea-brain



I feel so special – my initials said my daughter to a former boyfriend.

We don’t have heaps of piles of plastic and metal – we have perfectioned methods of recycling them as well. Where I live they complain that the recycling as to conform to certain Numbers of Plastic = #1 plastic #2 plastic #3 plastic – of course, in case you didn’t know – for moi, plastic is plastic. When all is melted another form of plastic is formed. Which one would it be? Let’s ask all the people in 2017 that got pencils and textbooks as well as notebooks to give us a letter in English on what they will do for Canada and New England – Fuck England, where the King lives. Monarchy is too fucking busy testing teas and biscuits.

All countries who received education for as long as it started are to design this all by themselves for April 2017. Failure to do so, consequences are TBA. I don’t believe in World Vision. I am still waiting for a letter from the sponsorships in English. I told the woman on the phone (to keep it brief and short) I didn’t receive the English letter. She read it. I hung up. I said out loud to my 4 walls… Here in Canada, English or French when we learn it – the time frame is at least 4 yrs in one language. When we learn the second language, it may take approximately the same amount of time. Therefore, to become bilingual it would take 8 yrs.

How many subjects do these students in the movies of WorldVision learn in one year? I want them to teach Canadians and English people their speedy learning techniques as well as their speedy innovation ideas and creative methods that we do not possess. Thank you. Failure to do this: TBA.

I wasted so many years. I didn’t even get a hamburger when I asked for it. TBA. I already got the answer: You said… that you would at least feed us. That’s exactly what I said prior writing this: You are going to do everything I want without any hocuspocus on my part. Thank you again Scientology for this gathering. What I said about one hamburger a day, I meant it. You lie so much and you gathered the worst of the shit I have ever had the pleasure to encounter.

We are to make platforms with certain moveable extensions frame casing to compliment these designs. It’s important to remember that these LG iPhone Samsung designs are TRENDS. IBM TES is classic. We have to their left-overs and turn-them into classics. Thank you.

I don’t have the tolerance anymore. I’m glad you are all growing out of it – act accordingly.


Always remember that for every cell there is a radar.

Investigations to be made easier with reliable information.