Micro-Organisms Minerals, Jelly Fish Gestations Human/All-Creatures by CEO of IBM-TES

What came first, the Chicken or the Egg

Micro-Organisms Minerals, Jelly Fish and All stages of Gestations Human to every other Creature 

InVitro Experimentals

Animals and Human

Micro-Organisms from Jelly Fish (es)

Micro-Organisms from Horns and Antlers 

Our objectives are to inform Science where the strong primary organisms lie where they travel how they fade away.

In order to conduct this experiment the micro organisms themselves need to be understood such as the elephant has horns for some other purpose than mere decor. Is it always the ornament or a defense mechanism not apparent in the brain only mechanically connected to the horn or antler itself. 

Frontal lobes to be studied as well if this theory proves itself as the only valid theory that antlers are the reacting reflex of a self-defence mechanism. We, humans, have the possibility of voicing out prior attacking. 

Would finding the acceptable co-habitating micro-organisms of these minerals become a strong shield to secure our own energy traveling from digestions into our brain functions.


Elongation NECK and SKULLS Structures

Inch per inch Revelations


Nota Bene: Not all experiments have the same reasonings. Some ingredients can be combined as well as work alone with regular functions of the said specimen in experimental.

If analytical instruments are not yet available, start development. What would some of you incorporate in a nervous membrane keeping it as much in the same kind of textures for absorptions. Minerals into other organisms with jelly fish micro-organisms. Minerals of jelly fish organisms with antler and/or horn minerals and micro-organisms look around the hollowness where nerves can travel in transmission(s).



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