MiniSatellite Residential Commercial Plugs Innovation IBM-TES by CEO


Many wanted to know what I really looked inside and not outside. Since Kubo, I realised that you shouldn't mess with the monkey!  

Very well said, now that it said and understood.



Objectives: Multi-Tasking Mini-Satellite IBM Injection Innovation

We have here an image of what a mini-satellite may look like. It is a feedline for your homeland telephone found in the middle. While the others around the telephone feedline are injection-usb streamline bullets (aka as rockets)

What IBM will do is to replace all existent telephone plug-ins by enlarging them a tiny bit or a big bit. Incorporating electrical filaments feedline for the recharging of the whole rotary.

You can use it for all your IBM Bullets 

Bullets are aka rockets same principle.

Added principle is it is an asset to your main satellite server.

Consumers are in no obligation to purchase it.

What it does as in WorldWide Uses that you are there or not!

Long distance – Use of any laptop or computer personnel or borrowed. Televisions – All cellular will be able to use it. The socket is like the USB. It will have different plug-ins that you can purchase to accommodate your devices.


Televisions, iPads, iPhones, Androids there is also reason to believe that you do not need to download anything when you already recorded whatever program you want and it shall just be streamlined with the necessary applications connecting the Bullet Mini-Satellite to the #USB.

EX: I recorded HBO program with Anthony Hopkins 

  1. The television command will ask where to record as well. The choice will be there. Altn Control to Key #USB and on television.
  2. USB keys do have a memory capacity. The more you want to keep on USB the bigger the memory capacity and this should be something IBM and most consumers are already aware of. Yet, with this, the computer hard drive motherboard memory will be free with less conflicts to render and perform as we all expect it to. 

What IBM proposes is one of these Rotary Mini-Satellite per floor in homes. I would need 3.

In the near future only IBM-Technicians can install this innovative method and can ask electricians of HydroQuebec (I live in Quebec) to follow them and learn this method.

Because it necessitates the union of electricity with the telephone line only an electrician can do this work. IBM stands behind quality and performance as well as precision. Your bill can then be put away for insurance purposes. The feeds are guaranteed from a certain point to a certain point and not from the pole to the entry of the house. TBA. 

Rates will reflect what we already have to be modified when usage will be understood and then rates will be brought down.

Long Distance will be connected to Internet – always free since its already in the rate of consumers usage. 

IBM TES wants to leave spots in the USB for future usage.


Chrismas 1989

If this has been done already – please tell me when I can get mine?

Put it up for distribution and Hydro Quebec + our Present Canadian Servers for us to have. They will let us know through their flyers that they are waiting for your call to reserve your needs and supply as soon as possible. The rate?

The cost of this innovation method + 10%

P.S. you're not buying the original, just a copy of this innovation. 


Fixed rate per plugs – If it takes 2 hours per plug – the fixed rate an electrician commands. 

I can't wait to brag about my personnel. You have no clue how it felt to see the calendars of Foundation Cancer Quebec. Total reject. I want to shut the fuck up again. I never believed in Foundations, Charity and Volunteer work.