Mix Minerals Shells Recycled Iron Plankton Micro-Nutrient Trials by CEO IBM-TES

The Bible does stipulate a strong order of eating blood so, if using blood from butcher shops is clean it can be used by removing existing sands from the seabed to add blood over it – to rake it and to make it dry. This will add strength and oxygen to the sand for algae growth to feed ocean water creatures. 

Trials for Iron known as a micro-nutrient and could possibly play an important role other than methane to possibly be a trace of metal that can bring up the volume in oxygen.

“One more thing to account for is that the mercury atom is just so much heavier that an iron atom. The standard atomic weight of Fe is 55.8, while that of Hg is 201. Of course,mercury in any sense will be heavier than Iron (and hence, have a greater density).”

Adding METHANE to the IRON and find out what can come out of it. Iron can be found to mix with Metal from Butchers from good quality animals. Making sure that waters do not absorb other viruses. Heating the waters is not part of the experiments.

Solar Panels Sub-Islands that float at lower than surface levels to capture light into transmitting light to the bottom as if the sun is shining a hundred feet below can only be done at certain locations around the world.

Combination of Boulder Huge Planters of Algae – seashells crushed can be added

Man-made rock formation planters that keep on growing. Marine biologists are needed now to ensure the growth of these plants with whatever little dirt sand they require.

Sub-island floaters to compliment the larger ones that produce ice and carbon filters.

2019 should prove to be the coolest year ever for CEO of IBM. Her staff are seeing some measures of success this year while looking forward to Quantum Brain Activity Expansion.