Monitors Screen Benefits IBM Tech Eng by Adriana



One Screen per BED with retractable keyboard. Personnel must carry their own E-Pen

Shelf shown below is the retractable keyboard (unable to revert photo)



Monitor Console AppleWatch


Console Monitor shown above is subject to needs of Hospitals, Clinics (human + animals)

Laboratories – Shools including Universities – Business

Screen – E-Pen – Keyboards have accessibility for Freedom Key (not included) Around $29.99 

Business can benefit of this system – instead of hospital beds, conference rooms

where meetings take place.

The watch has a Freedom Key for whatever download accessibility IBM Tech Eng does not carry or produce. (not included)


IBM Tech Eng always ahead of the next generation.

Allotments, allocations and Accessibilities where you don't know yet can exist.

Affordable and Relaxing Applied Methods only found with IBM Tech Eng.

*Pre-order your needs now. Prices do differ but your budget department will love it.

Chrismas 1989 If you don't see the need for this Advanced Applied Method, please let me know.