Mosquito LaserSoundBeam KillerWaves by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

Good Day Dear Personnel

I hope I am not interrupting any heavy tasks today with this request. Unless, you are waiting for Steve Jobs’ remains to take you away from my claws.

The news on the radio told me this morning that in Thailand, there will be fines for people who own ponds.

Tell the Government of Thailand to find all these sources infested of mosquitoes and then buy what you already fabricated over 10 yrs ago. For sure its done already and I’m just wasting my time.

Some of you may recognise one of these images. Good for me.


This is the story of the mosquito who flies over the pond in order to lay her eggs. Of course, we all knew that in school. History is a different course. That means that the mosquito will be a subject of the past. So far, so good?


Does anyone remember these speakers on a pole? I was thinking that you could put your design heads together and make beams emitting sounds mosquitoes enjoy to hear.


When they arrive in numbers, at the source, photo below. They are lasered into death do us part and fall straight down into the pond without releasing their eggs.


Apple has a application for mosquitoes to leave the zone. Fine and dandy but not acceptable – if anyone has a calendar, we are September 16 in the year of AD 2016. NOT — BC 2016

Citronella and all those insect repellents only serve to make their immune system stronger and we all know that and knew that since BC 2016.

The best is to keep sources where insects will go and infest the area with the proper tools and equipment that the government will provide to the people in question who have these ponds or areas benefiting our insect population.

Thank you for attending to your jobs. Steve Jobs’ remains may not take you away but you may subjected to a financial whipping.


I’m going to crush your skulls.


Pretty soon, you won’t see my pretty face. Think of this guy maybe some brilliant wavelengths will illuminate your vision of today, the future.

Chrismas 1989

Enjoy the rest of your day.