Mouse + Implants + Hormones for Twins by CEO IBM-TES

Future: Facing conversions of certain functions. Normal concentration hydrogen electrons pulmonary functions. Starting to end of its growth regenerative cycles to diminutives.

Study: One Hemisphere Brain – Lung – Ovaries – Kidneys – Testicles – Eyes, Nostrils Ears.

Can one temporary support/boost the other? Yes.

External-Internal – the answer is yes.

Last diagram above are implants for breast. Above capsules.

People in Technology are busy with grain of rice to lock unlock car doors or for payment purposes. Well, I see that their methods are ridiculous right now, I mean, if you are going to get an implant let your imagination be a little more fertile – they're not schizo enough for me.

The Mouse is there on top. What I am looking for is Major Surgery + External Conducts to navigate the said capsules of the said implant being *thinner the better* 

Where to start: The first one could act as ovaries for women who no longer have either one or two. This implant will have to be in the innerwalls of the lower abdomen. Menstruation should follow. It needs attachments – the lucky women who may be able to reverse to become pro-regeneration has her uterus. Felopian Tubes can follow. It will do a bypass method. Pretend you're reconstructing hearts. 

The reason of this study-action is for regeneration of a normal estrogen flow recognised by the human body. Converting to what was with external help. The mouse (has no name yet) Conductor Mania. Testicles can be the other one. Starting with our Hormones. 

Kidneys when one is operational functional – it may help restore the other one when finally the light is shed on self-cloning which is already there during development.