NASA Andromane Mission by CEO of IBM-TES

Project: Lunar Venus Mars Mercury at closest points to Earth and Moon

High Classification of Security Precision Accuracy 

Missiles Mission Mapping Zones around our Solar System of l’immédiat.

This added tool will serve NASA in his futuristic missions giving out the most accurate of all data available so far to oversurpass what a human once provided with Andromane(s) Classifications.

More will be uncovered thus – TBA.

September 14, 2019

NOTE: IBM-TES does not wait for the Future to backup to our Present and Past experiences – we aim for futures. We will always be heading for many futures. Possibly what my father-in-law Mr. J.F. Kennedy, President of US of America would have preferred – meeting our futures. As for my father-in-law P.E. Trudeau it would possibly be the beginning of a nation in negotiations and relations.